How Many Fire Extinguishers Do I Need?

People always ask us how many fire extinguishers do I need. The number of fire extinguishers that are required will depend on some factors that play a vital role.   Those factors determine the quantity, size, type, and also location of the fire extinguishers. The NFPA, OSHA and local codes have proper rules and requirements … Read more

Fire Extinguisher Operating Procedure

It is very important to understand the fire extinguisher operating procedure. A portable fire extinguisher carried on wheels and operated by hand contains an extinguishing agent that can be expelled under pressure to suppress or extinguish the fire.     Different types of fire extinguishers are designed to fight different classes of fire. Remember they … Read more

Special Work Site Definition

By Special work site definition, we mean a kind of work that is performed usually for serving specific purposes emphasizing its work value, drawing its special attention, and its safety procedures. There are many kinds of special work such as: † Welding, † Cutting Metal, † Excavation and so on.   Welding Technique Welding is … Read more

Health and Safety Signs and Their Meanings

Safety or health signs relate to safety or health at work. These signs are intended as a fast and comprehensible way of drawing the employee’s attention to objects, activities or situations that entail certain dangers, or drawing attention to the dangers that persist in spite of preventive measures you have taken.   Moreover, safety signs … Read more

Classification Of Personal Protective Equipment PPE

What Does Full PPE Mean? Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) means that “Specialized article of clothing or instrumentation worn by an individual for defense against infectious materials”.     Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is clothing that protects the eyes, head, ears, hands, respiratory system, torso, and feet. It is used to protect people from damage and … Read more

Noise and Vibration Hazards

Noise and Vibration Hazards: What is Sound? Sound is – A form of energy A pressure wave. Produced by vibrating of objects The instrument by which sound is measured is simply called a Digital sound level meter. Sound waves ought to travel through a medium like a solid, liquid, or gas.   Sound Measurement Facts … Read more

Methods Of Hazard Identification

What Is Hazard Identification? Hazard Identification is a method used to determine attainable things where people may be exposed to injury, sickness, or disease. Moreover, It is a part of risk assessment; Once the hazards are identified, proper measures must be taken to eliminate them.   The Best 6 Methods of Hazard Identification Formal Safety … Read more

Lock Out Tag out Procedure Sample

Purpose – Lockout or Tag out is abbreviated as “LOTO”, which is a technique to protect employees performing maintenance or servicing activities or other employees in the area from the unexpected startup of equipment or the release of stored energy. It is also to protect employees from the unexpected start-up of equipment during tool changes … Read more

Definition Of Housekeeping In The Workplace

Housekeeping doesn’t solely mean cleanliness. Effective housekeeping is an ongoing operation. The definition of Housekeeping in the Workplace includes the- –Keeping work areas neat and orderly; Maintaining a slip, trip, and fall-free working environment; –Removing waste materials and other fire hazards from work areas.     Maintain electrical systems in good working order and keep … Read more

Hazards and Risks Definition

Hazard Is – Anything that may cause harm (e.g. chemicals, electricity, working at height, etc) – A hazard is any potential damage, harm, or adverse effects source. – Hazard is a situation that poses a level of threat to life, health, property, or environment.   Risk Is – The chance (high or low) that someone … Read more

Concept Of Fire Triangle

What Is Fire? Fire is a chemical reaction among oxygen; it distinguishes heat and combustible material which results in the release of heat, flames, light and smoke.   Concept of Fire Triangle Three Components are Required For Combustion To Occur: Fuel – to vaporize and burn, Oxygen – to combine with fuel steam, Heat – … Read more

Confined Space Hazards and Precautions

Sometimes the working environment in itself is a source of risk. One key cause of this is confined space such as elevator shafts, underground storage tanks and reservoirs, crawl spaces and basements, sewers and conduits, welding and soldering tents.     They are often dark, oppressive and poorly ventilated, thereby creating specific risks such as … Read more