Safety Colors Definition

Safety Colors Certain colors of safety signs have specific meanings. According to, The health and safety (safety signs and signals) regulations of 1996, a safety color table is given below that identifies the colors for safety signs generally but excluding fire safety signs.     This table also portrays the intrinsic features of different types … Read more

Fire Drill Report Sample Doc

Fire Drill Fire drills are essential for ensuring the protection of workers, students, residents, and clientele that enter your business, building, or property. Fire drills measure and critique performance during a fire and provide opportunities for improvement.     The evacuation drill should be practiced regularly to make sure that it’s quick enough, issues with … Read more

Security Guards Roles and Responsibilities

Security Guard A Security Guard is a person who is paid to protect property, assets or people. Duty norms of security guard Directly Through Patrol By watching alarm systems or Video Cameras   What Skills Do You Need For Security? Top 5 Skills of a Security Guard Communication Decision Making Memory Observation Physical Strength Roles … Read more

Comparison Of Fire Classes

There are several concepts of fire classification in the world. The USA follows the NFPA system that consists of five types of fire, EU follows the European Standard “Classification of fire” (EN2:1992, incorporating amendment A1:2004) that consists of five types of fire. Australia follow the Australian Standard “Classification of fire” that consists of six types … Read more

How Hard Is It To Become A Firefighter

To become a firefighter is not so easy. You have to prove your qualifications and skills. You have to be educated and well trained in firefighting and rescue operations.     After that, you have to pass the drug screening test and physical test. All of these processes are not as easy as you think. … Read more