Best Garage Door Lock Bar Options – Make Your Garage More Secure

A lot of people consider their garage an extension of their house, but in reality, a garage is an important part of your house. Even though it’s primarily meant to keep your car, a lot of people store valuable items that they don’t have room for in their house.


Combined with the fact that garage doors provide access to your house, it’s important to ensure that your garage remains secure.


Best Garage Door Lock Bar Options


A garage door lock bar is a great option to ensure enhanced garage security and give your peace of mind. They aren’t difficult to install and are highly effective when it comes to keeping your valuables safe.


Read on to learn about your options when it comes to making your garage more secure with a few simple additions.


Why a Garage Door Lock Bar?

Why a Garage Door Lock Bar

You have several options when it comes to securing your garage. Some of the most common options for garage security include using chains or cables, but those can typically be cut with a few tools, making them not the most robust option.


Garage door lock bars are the safer option as they use sturdy bars or rods to secure your garage. They often come in kits, making them easy to assemble and install.


This security option is also versatile and easy to make work for your garage. If you find that one lock bar isn’t long enough for your garage, you have the option of overlapping two of them and bolting them together.


Other garage security options include deadlocks and latches. No matter what type of security you choose, make sure that you take into account the type of garage door you have and its configurations as you choose the best lock bar for you.


Let’s take a look at your options when it comes to lock bars and other garage door security.


Best Garage Door Lock Bars and Other Security Options


Lock bars, or rods, come in a variety of forms, which makes it difficult to choose the right one. Luckily, we’ve got you covered.


Ready to add optimal security to your garage? Here are the best garage door lock bars that you should consider for your home.


Best Garage Door Lock Bars


1. Garage Door Parts


Garage Door Parts



Looking for a simple, no-nonsense garage door lock bar? This option is for you.


This lock bar set from Garage Door Parts is made from galvanized steel, making it a robust and sturdy security option. Galvanized steel also means that this bar is not as susceptible to rust or moisture, making it perfect for your garage.


There are holes at the end of the bar in case you want to add an extension, as well as to add a padlock when the lock bar is in place.


2. Heavy-duty Inside Deadlock


Heavy-duty Inside Deadlock



Next on our list is a different security option if a garage door lock bar isn’t for you.


This heavy-duty deadlock from NIDAYE is another security solution made from galvanized steel, providing extra security and long-term use with a sturdy design.


The way these deadlock works is by engaging a vertical track that works only from the inside, although it is reversible. It fits most garage doors, and it’s easy to install, so you’ll have added security for your garage in no time.


3. Prime-line Products GD 52241 Garage and Shed Latch


Prime-line Products GD 52241 Garage and Shed Latch



Another security option for garage doors is a latch system.


This heavy-gauge steel latch from Prime Line is plated in zinc and has a tamperproof cover plate. It comes with two keepers for either surface mount application or mortise.


This latch set is large and sturdy, and all the mounting hardware and carriage bolts are included to make installation simpler.


Users say that this latch makes breaking into their garage a real challenge, which is exactly what you should be looking for in garage door security. Just be aware that this latch lock requires the use of a padlock.


4. National Hardware N280-784 V7651 Dead Bolt Lock


National Hardware N280-784 V7651 Dead Bolt Lock



Last on our list isn’t a garage door lock bar in particular, but an accessory to add to your lock bar.


This aluminum deadbolt lock from the National Hardware Store mounts with the outside cylinders or garage doors with center handles. It’s an affordable option to use with a lock bar to ensure additional security for your garage.


Many users purchase this piece as a replacement for a similar part on their garage door but be aware that you need to already have a lock bar for it to work.



It’s easy to neglect your garage security, but it’s one of the first point of entry for intruders looking to enter your home. That’s why it’s important to have a good security system in place to prevent this.


Garage door lock bars are a great option for added security. They’re inexpensive and easy to install while remaining highly effective against intruders. Even if you decide that a lock bar isn’t for you, you should still be sure to add an extra level of security to your garage to protect your home!


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