Best Hard Drive For Security DVR 2023 [Top Picks & Reviews]

A Surveillance hard drive is not like a regular hard drive that is used in your computer. It is used in the security camera for 24/7 storage of surveillance video footage. It plays the most important role in your security device. Could you ever imagine a security camera without a storage hard drive?


It is commonly preinstalled inside the (NVR) or the (DVR) of most security cameras. An external hard drive may be installed on an NVR or DVR for more storage.


Today we will discuss some of the best hard drives for security DVR. A security camera is the best investment when it comes to your personal and family safety. Modern CCTV cameras have made great improvements when compared to the old ones. Today you can monitor your home or office live through your smartphone with clear video quality and other wonderful beneficial features.


Everyone talks about the benefits of CCTV but no one talks about the storage system. Just think, if you don’t have enough space on your phone then how will all your amazing photos be stored? Same as if you don’t have any storage system for your CCTV then where to store your motion videos for playback? So, it requires a hard drive otherwise it cant record the videos.


We already mentioned that the Computer hard drive and CCTV hard drive are not the same. Choosing the best hard drive for the DVR security system is not so easy. But we are here to make your search easier.


Our team will guide you on how to choose the right hard drive for your DVR at a very affordable price. Also, we will provide you with the best security camera hard drive from our safety & security expert’s recommendations.


5 Best Hard Drive For Security DVR Reviews Of 2023


1. Seagate ST2000VX008, Skyhawk 2TB Surveillance Internal Hard Drive HDD (Best surveillance hard drive 2023)


Best hard drive for sercurity dvr


SkyHawk drives are not a normal drive. It is designed to support heavy surveillance workloads. These hard disk drives are made to be used in the home and SMB surveillance systems. Seagate Skyhawk 2TB Surveillance Internal Hard Drive HDD can execute all your video data backup.


These SkyHawk drives provide the surveillance system with 24/7 non-stop coverage. You can add more than 64 simultaneously streaming HD cameras. With this device, you can also increase the capacity up to 16TB.


This product is very reliable for every security expert. It can record more than 150TB of video per year. If you have a minimum of 4 security cameras in your security system and if you use it for the length of the year, you will need to format the hard drive every two months.


This excellent hard drive is very useful in businesses, shops, shopping malls, and home security systems. This is the best hard drive which we highly recommend.


What We Like
  • Good performance
  • Custom designed and built for surveillance
  • 24/7 recording, Best Surveillance HDD
  • Can support up to 64 HD cameras
  • Consistently provides smooth and clear video
  • 2-year data recovery plan
  • 3 Year warranty
What We Dont Like
  • Tends to chatter loudly when first turned on


2. Western Digital WD10PURZ, WD Purple 1TB Surveillance Hard Drive – Best Hard Drive for Surveillance DVR (Best hard drive for a security camera)

Best hard drive for security dvr

WD Purple 2TB – 12TB Surveillance Hard Drive is built for performance and provides 24/7 non-stop recording service.


This high-definition security system will always be on and can operate 64 cameras at a time. It can provide high workload performance, that’s up to 180TB in a year. WD Purple surveillance hard drives are equipped for surveillance systems.


This WD DVR external hard drive is built for compatibility with chassis and chipset manufacturers for installation into your new or existing video surveillance system. It gives you enough flexibility to upgrade your surveillance systems and also allows you to expand them.


It can tolerate high temperatures and a high workload. This ensures reliability and quality video playback when you need it most. WD Purple surveillance hard drive uses All frame technology which is an exclusive feature of Western Digitals. That means you can create a high-security system in your business with this WD hard drive with full confidence.


What We Like
  • TYLER and ATA streaming support
  • Works well in hot weather
  • Comes with Prioritized write-operations
  • Can support up to 64 HD cameras
  • Consistently provides smooth and clear video
  • 3 Year warranty
What We Dont Like
  • A bit noisy


3. MaxDigitalData MD2000GSA3272DVR, 2TB Internal Surveillance CCTV DVR Hard Drive (Best hdd for cctv)

MaxDigitalData MD2000GSA3272DVR, 2TB Internal Surveillance CCTV DVR Hard Drive


For a complete and high-security system with CCTV for your business then you need a couple of cameras with operating tools. Do not forget the hard drive for your DVR security system.


Without a hard drive, your CCTV won’t store the video for playback. MaxDigitalData Internal Surveillance CCTV DVR 2TB Hard Drive will offer you non-stop recording of your CCTV video when you need to protect your home or business.


These hard drives are equipped specifically to work with Surveillance systems. It will provide you with quality video. It has a 2TB Capacity, 7200RPM 32MB Cache 3.5in Surveillance HDD.


It works quietly with low power consumption. This surveillance hard drive is designed for 24/7 recording operation and is specially optimized for Surveillance.


What We Like
  • 2TB of storage
  • Records an estimated 60 days
  • Best CCTV hard drive
  • Boasts a very quiet operation
  • Best hard drive for NVR
  • 2 Year warranty
What We Dont Like
  • May suddenly crash


4. Toshiba HDWT140UZSVAR, S300 4TB Surveillance 3.5 Internal Hard Drive (Best hard drive for dvr)

Toshiba HDWT140UZSVAR, S300 4TB Surveillance 3.5†Internal Hard Drive

Toshiba is a well-known brand from all over the world. Toshiba S300 Surveillance Internal Hard Drive is a product for those who are very serious about the surveillance system. It covers every angle.


The S300 is designed for surveillance 24/7 in every angle for your home and office. It’s engineered for high reliability and equally provides you with high performance and high surveillance operations. The S300 Surveillance Hard Drive was tested to perform around the clock. It supports a high workload rating and never sleeps.


This hard drive comes with many useful features; it will help to safeguard your data and provides excellent performance in your security system.


You can rely on Toshiba to make an effective surveillance system. You can operate up to 64 high-definition cameras with the Toshiba S300 hard drive. It will give also you the flexibility to upgrade your surveillance system and expand your area in the future.


What We Like
  • Great performance
  • Can support up to 32 HD cameras
  • Best DVR hard drive
  • Built-in rotational vibration sensors
  • Super easy to install
  • Best HDD for surveillance
  • 3 Year warranty
What We Dont Like
  • None


5. Western Digital WD30PURZ, WD Purple 3TB Surveillance Hard Drive, WD Purple Surveillance Hard Drive (Best surveillance hard disk drive)

Western Digital WD30PURZ, WD Purple 3TB Surveillance Hard Drive

Western Digital Surveillance Model WD30PURX 3TB Hard Disk Drive designed for 24/7 non-stop surveillance service. It can handle more than 64-HD cameras with each drive. This high-definition surveillance security system is always on.


It’s built with WD’s special ALLFrameTM Technology for better performance. This All Frame technology is used to improve video capturing and help to reduce errors, pixilation, and video interruptions which could happen in the video recording system.


WD external hard drive built for compatibility with chassis and chipset manufacturers for installation into your new or existing video surveillance system.


Easy to upgrade or expand your surveillance systems. This surveillance hard drive is designed to work with high temperatures which ensures the quality and reliability of video playback.


This is one of the best hard drives for DVR security systems. You can confidently create a high-security system with the WD Model WD30PURX 3TB Hard Disk Drive for your business.


What We Like
  • Provides 24/7 recording
  • Comes with all-frame technology
  • Can support up to 64 HD cameras
  • Doesn’t make a lot of noise
  • Best hard drive for CCTV DVR
  • 3 Year warranty
What We Dont Like
  • Not so durable


Why A Surveillance System Hard Drive is needed For The Surveillance Security System

Why Need A Surveillance System Hard Drive For The Surveillance Security System


A surveillance system has to store large amounts of data. It runs intensive management software. It is very important to choose a surveillance system hard drive. Selecting hardware that is professionally designed is the best for your surveillance system. It can eliminate the chance of hardware failure.


A solid-state drive (SSD) uses different technology to remove the spinning parts while a traditional hard drive also has spinning disks. SSD has no moving parts and will last longer.


This is a comparatively new technology but has not been extensively tested in the video surveillance system. You have to choose a professional type of hard drive for the surveillance system. Nowadays, a few manufacturers produce “surveillance-grade” or “server-rated” hard drives.


How much HHD space you will need depends on how long you like to store your data as well as your surveillance system area. You may lose your important video due to the shortage of storage capacity.


So it is always best to be equipped with as much space capacity as possible. Consult with your surveillance security expert for designing your surveillance system. When part of your system fails, a professional surveillance system with a RAID setup can prevent the loss of your important data.


Difference Between A Normal Hard Drive and Surveillance Hard Drive

You may think that you can use a normal desktop hard drive for your surveillance system. You may feel that all hard drive operates similarly but this is quite wrong.


Traditionally a desktop hard drive is made to operate for around 8 hours. So the overall workload will be around 10%-20%. It is a low-moderate performance.


On the other hand, a surveillance system’s hard drive plays a vital role. It generates a central component to the digital storage of surveillance system video. It works 24/7 and it can be used in a DVR, NVR, Video Server, or Video Management System.


A surveillance system hard drive often offers a high mean time between failure ability. The surveillance hard drive moderates high and medium use and affect multiple users. Some hard drive manufacturers offer a service plan to recover the data from the failed hard drive if they are damaged due to mechanical or accidental cause.


We suggest that you use an exclusive surveillance or professional class hard drive for your surveillance system. Use a DVR embedded with a surveillance hard drive for the scale of a video surveillance system that is equipped with a few HD cameras.


Importance Of A Surveillance Hard Drive

Nonstop Surveillance

A good hard drive that is specially designed for a surveillance system can record 24/7 nonstop in your DVR/NVR system.


Unlimited Storage

You do not need to change the surveillance hard drive once installed. If your security camera is reliable then you can use the same hard drive. Just format the hard drive every two months. If it has a loop recording format then you would do nothing at all for increasing the storage space. It is similar to a free cloud storage package.


Lifetime Use

A normal hard drive has a minimum 45000 hours lifetime but a surveillance hard drive can be used long term. It allows double or triple power-on hours capability, which means it can last for a long period and much longer than any other hard drive device.


Fast Recording

A surveillance system works on ethics, if you have configured the settings then they record only when slight motion is detected or they can continuously record 24/7.


Buying Guide

There have a few things that must be considered before buying a hard drive for your surveillance system.



A better brand’s hard drive provides you with better service. So you should choose the best brand that can supply you with a great surveillance system hard drive. We recommend Western Digital. WD is a well-known brand all over the world.


RPM (rotation per minute)

It is very important to check the RPM of the hard drive before buying it. You must buy the highest RPM offered by the hard drive. It can start from 5300 RPM. The rotation allows the drive to record at a high speed.


Workload Capacity

A surveillance system is designed with at least 3 cameras. That means you need the best hard drive for better and more reliable performance. To choose the best one you need to read the reviews and description.


Storage Capacity

How much storage capacity is required in the hard drive for your surveillance system depends on how many security cameras you need and how many times you like to store your data. Consult your surveillance system expert to establish the quantity that you need.


Fast Reading and Recording of Live Footage

Many people complain that their CCTV is not able to record live video. It can happen if you don’t have a surveillance hard drive or if your internet connection gets interrupted. A surveillance hard drive allows the camera a greater rotation and can record the data with more speed.


24/7 Nonstop Recording

A surveillance hard drive can record 24/7 nonstop. While some other hard drives aren’t able to do this.



A hard drive is part of an electric device that can be damaged anytime due to technical or hardware failure. So before purchasing you must check the warranty offered by the manufacturer or seller.


Installing Your Hard Drive

In the below YouTube Tutorial you will learn how to install a Hard Drive in a DVR System:


Tips On Using The Light Bulb Security Camera Important Tips For Your Surveillance System

  • If you install your surveillance system with less than 10-12 cameras then use the DVR for installation.
  • If you require more than 15 cameras then go for an IP camera and utilize an NVR which will be better to upgrade the system in the future.
  • It is better to use a hybrid NVR if you like to install a large number of IP cameras.
  • IP cameras are also better for large areas of installations like airports, shopping malls, and bus stations.
  • Today our technology has developed and now we use very upgraded technology for our surveillance system. The trend for IP cameras is now being observed due to developing technology. The manufacturer replaced the analog cameras with an IP camera that helps to integrate both hybrid NVRs and video management systems.


Do You Need A Hard Drive for Security Cameras?

Security cameras don’t have internal memory to record the videos. It needs to connect to the computer for monitoring and recording.


If you have 2 or 3 cameras and need to run 24/7 then a PC-based video recording system or storage is enough for you. But if you want to use more than 4 surveillance cameras then it will be better to use DVR/NVR security camera with a hard drive.


Also, you can use DVR external hard drive for more cameras. Sometimes you may need to use the external hard drive for a security camera if you have a wide range of security cameras and want to record 24/7.



DVR Hard Drive Replacement

If you have a DVR security camera then sometimes you may need to replace the DVR hard drive. Though you can also use the external hard drive for a security camera. If you are using a 2TB hard drive for DVR and need to increase the storage capacity then you can add or replace the hard disk drive.


Install or replace the hard drive for DVR is quite easy. You just need to follow some steps. After completing these steps you can successfully replace the hard drive for the camera DVR.


If you are using a CCTV hard drive of 2TB, or a CCTV hard drive of 4TB, and you want to replace them and install an 8TB surveillance hard drive. Follow the below instructions to replace the hard drive in your surveillance DVR:


  • First, you need to remove the DVR hard drive. So you need a small screwdriver. Then remove the screws. Keep the screw safe for reuse.
  • After that carefully unplug the SATA cable and power cable from the hard drive. A simple mistake can damage the pin. So be careful when unplugging.
  • Then carefully remove the hard drive from the DVR by using a screwdriver and keep the screw safe for reuse.
  • So now your old hard drive is removed. Install the 8TB surveillance hard drive in the same way.
  • Attach the SATA cable and power cable to the new hard drive.
  • Then attach the hard drive to the DVR using the same screws.
  • After attaching the hard drive, install the DVR cover into the place where it was.
  • If the process is running perfectly then attach the DVR power supply and monitor.
  • Then boot up the DVR and allow it to fully initialize.
  • Press the menu button or use the remote to log into the DVR system and enter your password.
  • Press ok when you see that the default password is blank.
  • Go to the system menu and select Configuration.
  • Then select HDD Management
  • Then select HDD Setup
  • Now your DVR should be displaying “Change HDD”. If you see that then Select HDD Clear
  • After that press Ok or Enter.
  • Then enter your password.
  • After completing the process successfully you will automatically go back to the HDD Setup screen. You will see the HDD Status is empty.
  • Then exit the system setup by pressing the Menu button several times until you see the security cameras on the screen.
  • Now test the DVR. Record at least 10 seconds by pushing the record button or remote control.

Test several times using the search button to get the recording videos.


Hard Drive for Security System

If you want to install a surveillance system then you need a video recording hard drive such as a DVR or NVR security system. Those will record the video so that you can store the video. There are two types of hard drive security systems DVR and NVR. Below is a short description of both


  • Hard Drive For DVR Security System

DVR system is considered the older legacy option and it stands for Digital Video Recorder. DVR security systems are used for analog cameras and they can’t process video footage, unlike the NVR security system. It just streams raw videos via coaxial cables to the recorders and a hard drive is used to store those videos. It’s called the DVR security system.


  • Hard Drive For NVR Security System

NVR means network video recorder. That means it uses a network to record the videos. This type of system is a great invention of modern science. It lives on a network and records or stores the footage direct from the network. You need to use an advanced type of camera for this system called an IP camera that connects with a single Cat5e or better cable.


NVR system can support real-time recording and full 4K Ultra HD resolution. Unlike the DVR system, with the NVR system, you can see real-time footage of your camera by using remote connectivity apps. They come with a pre-installed security-grade hard drive that stores the videos.


FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a hard drive for security cameras?

A: A security camera hard drive is also known as a surveillance system hard drive (HDD). It plays a vital role in a surveillance system. Without a hard drive, you cannot record the video 24/7 nonstop and cannot store the video for playback.


Q: Do you need a hard drive for CCTV?

A: A good hard drive that is specially designed for a surveillance system can record 24/7 nonstop in your DVR/NVR system. It is a very essential component for surveillance video storage.


Q: How long does a CCTV hard drive last?

A: Basically, a desktop hard drive has a minimum of 45000 hours lifetime. But a surveillance hard drive will last on average 3 to 4 years. It allows double or triple power-on-hour capability, which means it can last for a long period when compared to other hard drive devices.


Q: Can I connect an external hard drive to my DVR?

A: Yes, you can connect one or a couple of external hard drives to a single DVR. It will increase your recording storage and provide you with long time storage capacity.


Q: Which hard drive is best for CCTV DVR?

A: Several manufacturers on the market offer different types of surveillance system hard drives. Our team tested to find the best option for you. Our recommendation is Western Digital WD10PURZ WD Purple 1TB Surveillance Hard Drive.


Q: Does DVR have a hard drive?

A: Yes, DVR comes with an internal hard drive. You can also add or replace the hard drive in the DVR system. It is very easy. Read the DVR Hard Drive Replacement for details.


Bottom Line

Without a hard disk, other storage systems for your security camera will only provide temporary storage. These spaces will be full within a short time and can be removed easily. Their storage capacity is very low when compared to a hard disk drive.


A CCTV camera needs an increased space to record 24/7. It must not heat up with an extra load. You need to check the technical details or reviews before buying a hard disk drive for your CCTV.


All of the recommended products are tested and chosen by security experts from over the world. Lastly, Seagate Skyhawk 2TB – 16TB Surveillance Internal Hard Drive HDD is our recommended hard disk drive that will fulfill your all requirements.


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