Best Permanent Match Reviews Of 2023 [Latest Picks]

Fire is required in a survival situation when you need shelter, food, and drinking water and with this in mind, the best permanent match is needed. It not only prepares your food and water but can also keep you warm in any cold environment. It can boost your psychological mind during a crisis.


When camping or hiking and a fire is required, you carry one or two materials to create that fire which is a match and dry wood. If the matchbox gets soaked in water, and no sunlight to dry it then a permanent match is what is needed.


Best Permanent Match


So what will you do to create a fire when trapped in cold surroundings? We are trying to find the best solution for this predicament. A Forever match can be an excellent option for you in this situation.


A permanent match lighter looks like a cigarette lighter. It is tiny and made from a stainless steel flask. It looks like my cigarette lighter. Its tank is filled with standard lighter fluid. The Match is made with stainless steel and to light the match you just need to strike it against the Ferro rod on the side.


The most important reason that makes this a valuable item to keep with you is it can be lit hundreds of times on a single fill of lighter fluid. It is very easy to carry with its excellent clip. You can easily attach the match with its clip to your bug-out bag, key chain, hiking bag, EDC bag, and more.


The match is worth a serious look when you are looking for an alternative fire-starting implement in your survival situation. Our team has tested and selected the best quality forever match for survival. We highly recommend it for camping, hiking, or any other situation where an alternative match is required.


4 Best Permanent Match Reviews Of 2023


1. YUSUD 2 Pack Permanent Match Infinity Lighter with Multitool Keychain

YUSUD 2 Pack Permanent Match Infinity Lighter with Multitool Keychain


YUSUD Keychain Flint Metal Matchstick Fire Starter comes with an original Unique Design. This flint metal permanent match looks just like an EDC keychain and it is an everlasting match. It is a great EDC survival tool and is perfect for outdoor adventures such as camping, hiking, and backpacking.


This is one of the best matches on Amazon that comes with an affordable price. This EDC survival tool combines utility and convenience. HUOWA Keychain Flint Metal Matchstick Fire Starter is a great permanent match & a great refillable lighter that is a must need for traveling, camping, hunting, or hiking as well as other outdoor activities.


HUOWA match striker works equally well even when wet or cold. The design of this match lighter is very elegant and fancy. This is one of the best quality matches for survival. This everlasting match packed in an elegant gift box is a great gift idea for a birthday or other occasion.


What We Like
  • Unique Design & Reusable matchstick
  • Affordable & Never ending match
  • Very handy and easy to carry
  • Premium quality magnesium core striker
  • Convenient EDC tool and simple to operate
What We Dont Like
  • Need your own lighter fluid

2. SOMGEM Permanent Match Keychain 2 Pack, Kerosene Refillable, Waterproof Flint Fire Starter

SOMGEM Permanent Match Keychain 2 Pack, Kerosene Refillable, Waterproof Flint Fire Starter for Outdoor Camping Emergency Survival Gear


This Metal Match Keychain Lighter is made of durable metal materials. It is waterproof and works equally well when cold or wet. It has a long life and this Premium quality magnesium core striker will strike up to 15,000 strikes (fuel not included).


This unique design permanent match is very lightweight, space-saving, and very easy to carry. This is a very useful gadget for the military, campers, hunters, hikers, fishermen, boy scouts, and scout troops. It comes with a convenient design with a hanging key chain for quick and emergency access. It is suitable for your pocket, hand as well as a backpack.


This essential life-saving EDC tool is perfect for outdoor Picnic, camping, hiking, BBQ, fireworks, parties, and many other emergency survival occasions as well as for lighting cigarettes or cigars. This is the best permanent metal match if you are looking for a match with a key chain.


What We Like
  • Reusable and Refillable permanent match
  • Made with metal material
  • Easy to carry and use
  • Lightweight and Waterproof
  • Best metal match
  • EDC best gift ideas
What We Dont Like
  • None

3. ETOPSTECH Crazy Shopping 5pcs Flint Metal Match Lighter, Lighter Fluid Permanent Matchbox, Waterproof Fire StarterETOPSTECH Crazy Shopping 5pcs Flint Metal Match Lighter, Lighter Fluid Permanent Matchbox

ETOPSTECH Crazy Flint Metal Match Lighter is an essential survival gadget for outdoor camping, traveling, hiking & Boy Scouts, etc. It is made with durable materials and it allows you to use it in any cold and wet environment.


It is waterproof and you can always keep one on your belt loop or backpack. Keep this one in your boat for emergency use. This is very lightweight and easy to carry. It can be used as a key chain.


The stainless steel and ABS plastic make it very durable and perfect for any kind of outdoor activity. This Lighter-fluid-optional keychain will be the greatest gift for your friend or family who loves camping, hiking, or outdoor activity.


This is a 100% brand new permanent match that can provide a good service. It is only sold on Amazon by the ETOPSTECH Amazon store. This is the best permanent match lighter on Amazon.

What We Like
  • Stainless steel bottle shape permanent lighter match
  • Mini shape and Cool design
  • Easy to carry and operate
  • Waterproof and Durable
  • Perfect for every backpack
What We Dont Like
  • Some units are made from plastic

4. SURVIVE Match, 3 or 5 Pack, The Forever Lighter, Best Forever Match, Emergency Fire Starter Striker Set, Endless Match

SURVIVE Permanent Match, 3 or 5 Pack, The Forever Lighter, Emergency Fire Starter Striker Set

The SURVIVE Match is the ultimate fire starter that is needed by anyone for normal or emergency use. You will happily show your magical new lighter when someone asked you for a light. This unique match is a perfect gadget for campfires, stoves, gas grills, and barbecues or smokers. Replace your old matchbox with this modern technology match.


Keep this lighter with you when you are planning to go camping, hiking, or BBQ party as in your survival kits. The size is very small and easily carried in your pocket for EDC and everyday use. This is very lightweight and waterproof and can be used in any cold and wet environment.


Put one as your keychain, lanyard, and in your car or backpack for any time use. It’s made with silver stainless steel and tough black ABS plastic which is durable, Reusable, and Refillable. It has a long life and will last 15,000 strikes.


This lighter will be a wonderful gift for men and women, yourself and loved ones for the outdoors, camping, hiking, hunting, boating, or travel. The SURVIVE Permanent Match is a key tool for Boy Scouts and a very essential tool for RV and campers. This is another quality match for survival.


What We Like
  • Fire starter striker set
  • Unlimited match lighter
  • Portable & Forever match lighter
  • Small Size
  • It’s a wonderful gift for men and women
What We Dont Like
  • Not very easy to use

Reason To Use A Permanent Match

There are various types of matchboxes available on the market but not all are permanent matches. Some are for one-time use only. A permanent match can provide a wonderful service in any environment with a long lifetime.


Easy to Carry

This permanent match is very easy to carry in your pocket, belt loop, backpack, survival kit, and any other. It is very lightweight.


Easy to Use

This match is very easy to use. Just fill the compartment with lighter fluid and dip it inside the match and now scrape it against the side.



This unique small design allows you to keep it with you all the time. Many of them have a key ring for convenience. The permanent match is specially made for any survival situation.


Backup for Lighter

A permanent match is a great backup lighter in any environment. When you are ready to go for a picnic, camping, hiking, hunting or travel don’t forget to carry a permanent match. It will be your best survival kit that will work in any windy or harsh weather.


If you have a permanent match then you will always have fire, anytime and under any condition. It is very essential to keep a quality match for survival.


Note: Please keep away from Children. THIS IS NOT A TOY.


Buying guide

What to Look for in a Permanent Match Before Buying It?

Before buying a permanent match you need to look at some important issues as mentioned below.



A permanent match will be used in any emergency survival conditions/situation. It must be durable enough to handle any situation. You must check that it is made from stainless steel and durable ABS plastic. These materials are required for durability.



A permanent match is used in survival conditions so these matches need to be waterproof for use in wet or cold conditions. When you are camping, hiking, fishing, and in any other outdoor activities, a permanent match will be an essential kit. Make sure the match is waterproof, and check the reviews before buying.


Maximum strikes

Check the strike capacity before buying. A real permanent match can strike at least 15000 times with its premium quality magnesium core striker. You can call it an “Never ending Match“. That means endless match lighter.


Easy To Carry and Access

Check whether your permanent match choice is easy to carry or not. Find a small permanent match that can be easily carried in your pocket, belt loop, as a key chain, and can attach to your backpack. It should also easily fit inside your survival kit.


How To Use The Permanent Match [how do forever matches work]

Here Is The Proper Using Method :

How To Use The Permanent Match

  • First remove the match sticks.
  • For removing the outer layer of skin scratch the black flint.
  • Strike the match against the flint until it sparks.
  • Inject the canister with the lighter fluid 2/3 times.
  • Dip the match in the canister filled with the lighter fluid.
  • Then finally strike the match one more time and watch it light up.


Note: After using the match, keep it inside the canister to make sure that it’s kept secure.


FAQsFrequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a permanent match?

A: A permanent match or everlasting match is a typical form of lighter. It is equipped with a separate threaded metal rod assembly and a naphtha fuel-filled metal shell. It serves as the striker, concealed wick, and creates a fire just like a match. That Strike match is great for outdoor use.


Q: What is a metal match?

A: A metal match is much bigger and similar to the flint used in a cigarette lighter. Most of them are made with metals like stainless steel and rare earth elements. It is durable, waterproof, and long-lasting.


Q: How does Everstryke match work?

A: Follow these steps:

  • Unscrew the match stem and fill the canister with ¾ lighter fluid.
  • Put the stem back into the canister for at least 5 minutes.
  • Now, grab the striker and drag it across the Ferro rod and watch it light up. Avoid striking near the canister’s opening.
  • After use put out the flame and keep it inside the canister.


Q: What is the best permanent match?

A: Here is our recommendation for the best permanent match:

YUSUD Permanent Match is the best match that we highly recommend.


Q: How long do permanent matches last?

A: Basically, permanent matches have a long life. If you want the actual lifespan of the match then there is no actual information because it is also dependent on the use of the match.


Well, normally a good quality match like YUSUD Permanent Match can last a long time up to 10,000 strikes.


Q: How do reusable matches work?

A: You know that the main thing to create a flame with a reusable match is fuel. Normally, a reusable match comes tube-shaped and has a wick at the end. It also has a flask shape container that is full of fuel and the match screws inside there.


You will notice that there is a rough surface outside on the outside of the flask that sparks the flint embedded in the wick and creates the flame.


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