Best Survival Food Kits Reviews Of 2022 [For Any Emergency]

Emergency survival food kits existed for decades now with an extended shelf life. It is used by the military, individuals like survivalists and a plethora of other people. During an emergency situation when other sources are not readily available, it is able to serve a person with nourishment and energy.


Best Survival Food Kits Reviews


Survival food kits are able to sustain life in an emergency. Before getting any stable source of food an emergency survival food kit is important. So before adding the food kit keep in mind that, you may survive a couple of days more with your family.


It is very important to know how to prepare emergency food. All categories of foods are great tasting and have enough calories and nutrition.


7 Best Survival Food Kits Reviews Of 2022


1. Mountain House Classic Bucket

Mountain House Just In Case Essential Bucket

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Mountain House Classic Bucket is an emergency food supply for those people who need emergency food when they are camping, hiking or facing a natural disaster.


You can also use it in your home for a daily meal. This bucket is full of emergency energetic food just add water and then eat.


It is very easy to store. If you are planning a camping trip then don’t forget to take this excellent food bucket with you.



What We Like
  • Easily portable bucket
  • Great delicious items
  • 12 total meals with enough food
  • Easy to cook and eat in less than 10 minutes
  • 30 years taste guarantee
What We Dont Like
  • A bit pricey


2. WaterBOB Bathtub Emergency Drinking Water Storage For Survival


Best Emergency Water Storage Container


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WaterBOB Bathtub Emergency Water Storage Container can store about 100 gallons of pure water in your bathtub for any emergency use.


This food-grade plastic water storage tank keeps water fresh and drinkable for a minimum of 16 weeks. This Drinking Water Storage system is made with food grade plastic approved by the FDA.


The WaterBOB water storage is very easy to use in a normal bathtub. It is a very useful device for an emergency situation.


What We Like
  • Clean water for 16 weeks
  • Holds up to 100 gallons
  • Be prepared for natural disasters
  • Safe and Easy to use
  • Made from USFDA approved materials
What We Dont Like
  • Body and Hose are made of thin plastic


3. Augason Farms 30-Day Emergency Food Storage


Best Emergency Survival Food Kit For 30-Day

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Augason Farms offer you 30 days of emergency food supply full of vitamins and nutrition for one person. An emergency situation like any type of natural disaster that could happen at any time.


This great emergency food supply will help you to survive well. All food has a great taste. From this daily food you will get an average of 1854 calories per day.


This calorie count is enough for one person each day. All food is stored in a waterproof airtight bucket. This food can be used in your daily life at your home.


What We Like
  • Great value
  • 30-Day Emergency Food Storage
  • 35 Food Pouches
  • Total calories 54,670
  • Up to a 20 year shelf life
What We Dont Like
  • A bit heavy


4. Survival Tabs 8-Day Food Supply 96 Tabs Emergency Food Ration

Best Survival Tabs For 8-Day


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When we are camping, hiking and traveling we need more energy to survive. The Survival Tabs quickly provide you with the best energetic food in any emergency situation.


To survive any kind of natural disaster always store emergency food in your home, office and car. The Survival Tabs supply full nutrition for your body.


What We Like
  • 15 Essential vitamins and minerals
  • Comes with the highest quality protein
  • Gluten free and Non-GMO
  • Made in the USA
  • 20 Year shelf life
What We Dont Like
  • None


5. Wise Company Emergency Food and Drink Supply

Best Emergency Food and Drink For 1 Month

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Wise Company is a quality prepared food manufacturer that offers the best survival emergency food, when you are planning to go camping or hiking. Total one-month food and drink supply for one person.


All meals are well nutritive, delicious and ready to eat. Very easy to prepare the food, just add hot water.


What We Like
  • Good quality prepared foods
  • Emergency food and drink for 1 month
  • Need 15 minutes to cook
  • Made in the USA
  • 25 year shelf life
What We Dont Like
  • A bit bland


6. FHS Retails, Emergency Water 5 year shelf life – 62 Individual 4.22 Oz Packets [With Tips]


Best Emergency Water With Survival Tips


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There is nothing to say about pure drinking water. Because pure water’s other name is life. I like to introduce the best pure drinking water for any kind of emergency use, which is really pure.


Provided by FHS retail/SOS food labs. Total 15 packs of 4.22 oz water-packed in foil packaging. Each pack contains 125ml pure drinking water. Simple to carry anywhere.


This emergency drinking water can be used for camping, hiking as well as travel time. Also if any natural disaster happens. Approved by the Canadian coast guard, EC and Bronze.


What We Like
  • Good Quality
  • Clean and Pure drinking water
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Comes with tips for survival
  • Approved by the Canadian coast guard, EC and Bronze
What We Dont Like
  • None


7. SOS Food Labs Inc. S.O.S. Rations Emergency 3600 Calorie Food Bar


Best Emergency Food Bars

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Emergency food must be full of nutrition and can be quickly prepared. S.O.S emergency food ration is one of the best and quick nutrition food bars.


No need to add any extra Materials and no need to boil. Just like cookies and full of nutrition with two different packets and different flavors. One is coconut flavor and one is a cinnamon flavor.


Each packet contains 9 bars which is 3600 calories. Each bar has 410 calories and 3 bars for one person per day. Approved by the U.S. Coast Guard.


What We Like
  • Great value
  • Coconut and Cinnamon flavor
  • Approved by US Coast Guard
  • 5 Year shelf life
  • Made in the USA
What We Dont Like
  • A bit sugary


Important issues that we follow before making this list

    • Ingredients
    • Quality of ingredients
    • Calorie and nutrition
    • Packing quality
    • Serving quality
    • Feedback from other customers
    • Affordable price
    • Date of expiry


Features Of The Best Survival Food Kits That Need To be Considered

Variety of the meal

Survival food is made for an emergency. Taste is not important, calorie and nutrition are important factors. You may feel bored to eat a common category of food when you are in a survival position. There are different tastes and flavor food kits out there that is full of nutrition.


Numbers of people

Disaster is unexpected. Now the main point to consider is how many people are with you in your family.  Consider this and reserve the survival food.



When you are in a survival position you need high calories. Basically, women need a minimum of 1200 calories per day and a man needs a minimum of 1500 calories per day for surviving well. A survival food kit will serve you with enough calories within these situations.



Survival food is made using the best ingredients because its time period is long and it will used in an emergency situation. They only concentrate on nutrition. Preservative or chemicals are rarely used in this type of food. It is always kept in an air-tight sealing packs with proper packaging.



All survival food is very easy to prepare in any situation and always ready to eat.



You only need calories in a survival position. It is true that some of the food does not taste good but we will give you some tips to increase the taste of your food.



All of the survival food is well packed inside aluminum cans, thermal-resistant, and anti-light-permeable packaging with an airtight food-safe container.



It is very easy to carry anywhere because of its light-weight packing.


Date of expiry

Shelf’s lifetime is very important. Before purchase keep this in mind, if you don’t use it within the shelf life so you can adequately plan for its eventual replacement.


Some Situation That Needs An Emergency Survival Food Kit


Global disaster

A global disaster causes widespread human, material, economic or environmental loss. It is a serious disruption that exceeds the ability of the affected community or society to cope on a timely basis using its own resources.


When disaster hits, developing countries suffer the greatest costs. When it occurs, it may take months or years to recover. In that situation, an emergency survival food kits will very much be necessary for you and your family.

Natural Disaster

A natural disaster is a natural process of the earth that is a major event resulting from nature. A natural disaster includes floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis, and other geologic processes. This is a very critical situation.


Sometime govt help can’t reach the victims. A survival food kit is the best feeding solution in that emergency situation.



Man loves to travel. Every year summer vacation time many people go camping in the forest or mountains. A survival food kit is necessary when you are traveling or camping. A best survival food kit will supply you with complete nutrition for surviving. It is lightweight and very easy to carry.



It is difficult to find those people who don’t like adventure. Hiking is one of the best parts of the adventure. Food is necessary for every situation. But when you are going hiking you can’t bring your all pantry items with you. So a survival food kit is the best solution for you. It is ready for eating.


Winter sports

Winter comes one time a year. Many people go and enjoy the snow and snowboarding. Some hiking or snowboarder go for a few days. Sometimes it may be difficult to start a fire. Survival food is useful in those situations.


Family tour

Man is thirsty for travel. Moreover many of our relative lives in other districts that are very far from us. When we are out on a family trip or alone we can keep survival food kit for emergency food.


FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the survival food kit?

Ans: Survival food is food that is used in an emergency situation. Survival food could be stored for a long period of time. Survival food is used for energy during a period of famine, disaster or short and long terms crises. It doesn’t need to be stored in the refrigerator or any other cool place. No need for any special preparation or cooking.

Some of the food needs water to prepare. Survival food kits are basically made for disaster situations like flood, hurricanes, forest fires, volcano, and any other conditions.


Q: Who really needs a survival food kit?

Ans: Survival food is not the type of food that is available in your pantry. It is not a casual item. Emergency food is for all. If you are the main person in your family then you must think about your children and other dependable people in your family. It is your responsibility to protect them.


Q: When is survival food necessary?

Ans: Survival foods are mainly used in an emergency situation. There are different types of situations that will require the use a survival food kit. Also, pure water is very important. Keep a water purifier straw or gallon in your emergency kit box.


Q: How long will the food last after opening the bag?

Ans: All of the survival foods are well packed in airtight bag’s and boxes. No moisture will get into the food. Depending on these factors, after opening it may stay good for up to one year.

There is one way to judge whether the food quality is still acceptable or not and that is does it smell normal. Another way is to taste or cook it. If the taste and quality of the finished food are good and satisfactory then you can continue to use it. Though over time food will lose nutritive value. But still, it may have some nutrients remaining and be life-sustaining.


Q: Where to store emergency food?

Ans: 8 Best Places to Store survival food kit:

Kitchen: The kitchen is the most obvious place to store your survival food kit. You may fill your kitchen cabinet with daily food also dishes, glasses, and other pantry items. If you have extra space in your kitchen cabinet then take advantage.

Basement: Basements are a good food storage location. It tends to stay cold throughout the year. You also can use this place to store emergency food. But if possible keep it away from the furnace. Use the wooden pallets to keep airflow between the food container and the floor. Also, use a dehumidifier in the summertime.

Closets: Clothes racks are a very suitable place to store your emergency food kit. Because it tends to be a consistent height and temperature. If  you have free space there store food safely there.

Main Living Space: If you have extra room in your main home like a storeroom, you can easily keep all food containers in that area.

Under the Bed: Under the bed is an unused storage space that many people don’t use. It is one of the best places to store your emergency food supply.

The Water Heater Closet: If you have a water heater with its own closet then there may be some extra space around and top of the heater closet. A water heater doesn’t heat the closet much because it usually insulated enough.

Inside the basement stairs: If you have a stair room inside the basement stairs then you can easily store the emergency food there.

Bug out Locations: Bug out bag is the best place to keep a survival food kit. It is always ready to carry with you. Just make sure to stock your bug out bag with at least 2 weeks’ worth of food.


Q: How to prepare emergency food?

Ans: MREs and freeze-dried meals are generally two main categories of emergency meals. It requires little preparation.

  • Add boiling water to your freeze-dried meals but it does not need to boil because 212F is enough to kill all bacteria and other harmful pathogens. If you are planning to go camping, hiking in the wilderness and planning to bring freeze-dried meals then you must have a water source and a legitimate heat source.
  • After mixing with boiling water, you will need 10 – 12 minutes to prepare the freeze-dried meals.
  • You can keep spice and salt in your kit box. Before making the food add some salt and spice for a better taste.


How to prepare the food

Before preparing your food clean your dishes well. If you try to prepare food in a dirty dish then its taste may not be good.


Preparing Emergency Food

  • Always keep a recipe book in your travel bag.
  • You can also prepare the food with cold water but only drinkable food or drink.
  • Keep a reliable heating source with you.
  • Don’t forget to bring a manual can opener and disposable.
  • Make sure you have prepared baby formula and pet food in your survival food kit box if needed.


Final Words

You may stock food, depending on your family’s unique needs and tastes. But keep in mind, familiar foods are really important. They give a feeling of security and lift morale. Try to select food which you and your family will enjoy and which has enough nutrition.


Select food which does not require refrigeration, no need to add water or other special preparation. And does not require cooking. It is important to pay attention to Individuals with special diets and allergies as well as babies, toddlers, and the elderly. Canned dietetic foods, juices, and soups may be helpful for Nursing mothers as well as the ill or elderly people.


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