Best Termite Bait Stations in 2022 – [Reviews & Buying Guide]

Most Insects and pests come from the soil, shrubs, and tree. Sometimes they are roaming around your house. A handy insect spray can get rid of them. Insects like mosquitoes, ants, rats, and cockroaches can easily come inside the house. You can exterminate them with a trap or spray.


But today we will introduce another household enemy, yes, it is termites. They cause more than 5 billion dollars of damage annually.


Best Termite Bait Stations


They never sleep and work on growing their colonies 24/7 until they die. You will be surprised to know that, the termite queen can lay 40,000 eggs daily. That means, there can be millions of termites in a house.


Termites are mainly classified as 3 types. The dry wood termites, which eat dry and softwood. The damp wood termites that eat wet and rotten wood.The subterranean termites, which live underground. It is very difficult to detect subterranean termites unless you have the best termite bait stations.


Best Termite Bait Station Reviews in 2022


1. BASF 11480 Advance Termite Bait Stations (Best Do It Yourself Termite Bait Stations)

BASF 11480 Advance Termite Bait StationsBASF 11480 Advance Termite Bait Stations (Best Do It Yourself Termite Bait Stations)

Advance Termite Bait Stations are great for you if you won’t be looking to directly exterminate potential future termites by putting poison in the ground soil. This is our recommendation for you. This pack contains 10 termite bait stations. For maximum effectiveness, you just place them 10 feet apart from each other.


It comes with an ultra-low disturbance bait system design and features a dual-stage interior. This termite Monitoring Base remains in place and only the Termite Inspection Cartridge (TIC) is removed. They remain in the Monitoring Stations and continue to feed on bait after removing the TIC. It provides a greater bait load to the colony with less disturbance.


2. Spectracide HG-96115 Terminate Termite Detection & Killing Stakes2

Spectracide HG-96115 Terminate Termite Detection & Killing Stakes2Spectracide 96115 Terminate Termite Detection & Killing Stakes2

Your home is a target for termites whether you live in the North or South or have a new or old home. There are basically two types of homes in this world, one that will eventually have termites and the other that already had termites.


To protect your lovely house from this hidden enemy, you need the best termite beating system. Spectracide Terminate products are well known for eliminating the termite colony. They kill wood-destroying insects. It also features detection, outdoor treatment, and indoor crack and crevice control.


These products are very effective for controlling wood-destroying insects along with a professional inspection to determine the extent of an active infestation. The power is now in your hands to deal with the termites.


Spectracide Terminate is an easy-to-use, fast-acting insect, lawn disease, and weed control solution. It has incredible pest-punishing power that helps you to tame lawn and landscape invaders. These Pop-up indicators detect termite activity, and the stakes kill foraging termites.


3. Spectracide 100046079 Terminate Termite Killing Foam, Aerosol


Spectracide 100046079 Terminate Termite Killing Foam, AerosolSpectracide 100046079 Terminate Termite Killing Foam2, AerosolSpectracide HG-96410 Terminate Termite & Carpenter Ant Killer Concentrate

Spectracide Terminate Termite Killing Foam2 is a 16-ounce foaming aerosol. It is a very effective foam spray that can kill termites instantly. Termites can enter the house through the utility entry points, tiny cracks in the foundation or slab, or anywhere soil contacts with the wood.


This Spectracide Terminate Termite Killing Foam2 is very much useful to prevent termites from entering your home. Spray the foam into the voids and channels in damaged wood, in cracks, crevices, and behind veneers for better experiences.


This Termite Killing Foam2 is formulated to kill dry wood and damp wood termites and exposed subterranean. It also kills carpenter bees. It can monitor the carpenter bee activity and works as active tunnels. These termites and carpenter bees treatment is great for indoor and outdoor use.


4. BASF Trelona Compressed Termite Bait (Trelona Termite Bait Stations Reviews)

BASF Trelona Compressed Termite BaitBASF Trelona Compressed Termite Bait (Trelona Termite Bait Stations Reviews)Spectracide 100046079 Terminate Termite Killing Foam2, AerosolSpectracide HG-96410 Terminate Termite & Carpenter Ant Killer Concentrate

Trelona is termite bait. It is compressed and it has an active ingredient, novaluron. That is an insect growth inhibitor. When termite eats Trelona, this active ingredient novaluron harms the ability to properly synthesize and inhibits the termite to molt. You will find the answer below on how this product will kill the termite.


When termites consume it, it will impair the ability of a termite to properly synthesize chitin and that will prevent the termite to molt. So, they are not able to molt and not able to form a replacement exoskeleton.


Termites will die or be incapacitated by their inability to complete the molting process. Continued consumption of the bait will cause the termite colony to decline as well as the total elimination of the colony.


Choose the locations of suspected termite activity near your house or land. Install the termite bait station within 5 ft of points of known termite foraging, Be careful, do not place it in areas where termiticides already have been applied. Trelona Compressed Termite Bait is a professional strength termite killer that is used by termite pro’s around the country.


Why Do You Need Termite Bait Stations?

Why Do You Need Termite Bait Stations


Termite Bait Stations system is a less intrusive and effective alternative to liquid barrier treatments for termites.


A liquid pesticide is applied on the ground in the perimeter of the structure with termiticide, as well as applied to the foundations. These pesticides works to prevent the termiticide. Termite baits stations are an innovative technology and it deals with termites in two ways, firstly it monitors termite activity and then exterminates.


All termites don’t go out. Just the worker termite goes out to find food. When worker termite eats food, then it is processed and converted to sugars in their stomachs. All of the other termites enjoy those sugars.


Termites are not only attracted to wood but also they can consider anything they can munch as food. They have powerful jaws, they can chew plastic, cloth, cardboard, and paper.


This is one of the main reasons why you need Termite Bait Stations. It is not only enough for wood and ground; you need termite baits at your home. It has replaceable cartridges to keep protecting your home from termites forever.


Some Important Issues That Must Be Known About and Solved Before Installing Termite Bait Stations

Factor One

You home location: Termites are cold blooded insects. Of course, every activity is affected by temperature. That’s why your home location is important; it can indicate how possible it is for your land or home to be infested by termites?


There have some termite hotspots in the USA that have shown termite infestation probability maps. These following states are experiencing very heavy infestations from termites and include South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Florida, and California.


As well as some of the nearby states are likely to experience heavy infestations. Though, the north-northeastern part of the United States such as Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, Maine, and Parts of South Dakota can experience the least termite infestations.


Factor Two

Materials at your home that attract termites:

Firewood or tree cuttings: There are some materials that attract termites like a magnet such as firewood or tree cutting in your back yard will draw the attraction of termites very soon. Those woods are their first choice for food. So keep the firewood or tree cuttings a safe distance away from your home.


Leaking Pipes: The subterranean termites usually live in moisture. If there is a leak in the pipe then termites are easily attracted to this.


Clogged Gutters: The moisture from leaves as water builds up from Clogged Gutters on the roof. That will soften and rot the wooden parts of the roof. It will cause a potential termite infestation. C


Factor Three

Previous infestations: Termite infestation is an irritating, exhausting, and expensive ordeal. If your home already had termites infestations then solve it very soon and take the necessary action so that you won’t face that problem in the future. After treatment, you must install the best termite bait stations at your home for future safety.


Buying Guide

There are several things you must consider before buying a termite bait station. These considerations will allow you able to buy the perfect termite bait station.



There are two types of termite bait stations. One is for detection and the other is for detection and immediate solutions. So, before you buy the termite bait station know the functions.


What do You Need

You already know that there are two types of termite bait stations. First, you decide what actually you need. Do you need only detection or you need a quick solution with detection?


Consider the problem, the types of problems that you face and the fact that you might need a professional’s intervention or a termites bait station is enough to solve it. Sometimes the situation is going to difficult and the termite bait station won’t be enough to help you deal with it.


Size or Quantity

The size or quantity of the termite bait station is another important factor that must be considered. Whether you have decided to detect or extermination, you must think about the quantity. It depends on the size of the house or land.


You might need just 10 – 15 termite bait stations for your whole house or several dozens of them. Some size and design of the termite bait station are well suited for softer and moister soil.


Cartridges Materials

The ingredients of the cartridges are also important. Some of the cartridges use highly toxic active solutions that make some homeowners uneasy and some are harmful to your land. So, choose a cartridge that is harmless for you and your land.

Others are effective against most types of subterranean termites but does not include active ingredients. Some bait stations are specially designed to attack termites on a genetic level.

You must choose a high-quality termite bait station from the qualitative brand that will give you the best service. Some termite bait stations are quite pricey but the effective range and longevity are great.


Where Do You Put Termite Bait Stations?

Where Do You Put Termite Bait Stations


Before installing the best termite bait stations, make sure to read the product label completely. The first step is to install the stations into the ground every eight to ten feet around the perimeter of your structure.


They should be placed two to four feet away from the foundation but you can place the station as far as 20 feet from the structure if decks, sidewalls, porches, or landscaped areas prevent closer baiting.


Make sure this is not under the drip line from the roof of the structure. The top of the station should be flush with the soil surface. The spacing between stations can be reduced if termite activity is known in a specific area and is heavy.


Tips for Installing [Step by Step]

Tips for Installing Termite Bait Stations [Step by Step]


First step, install the bait stations following landscape plantings. These areas usually contain mulch or some sort of ground covering which will contain lots of moisture. This makes ideal conditions for termite activity.


Second step, if there is termite activity present; you should replace wood cartridges with shatter termite bait cartridges. Don’t bait unless you have termite activity.

When an infested HexPro termite station is baited with shatter termite bait, it is strongly recommended that one or more auxiliary stations be placed and baited as well. This will increase bait volume and maximize bait consumption. Refer to the shatter bait product label for future details.


Third step is to up the chance of beating consumption. You can enhance the chance of consumption of the shatter termite bait by adding about an ounce of water or sugar-based drink like sport performance drinks, to the recruitment chamber of the bait cartridge.

To do this, make sure you leave the plastic wrapper on while filling up the bait tube. Let it soak into the bait, then take the plastic wrapper off before adding it to the bait station. If you are installing stations in arid or dry climates, add up to two fluid ounces before introducing termites to the chamber.


Fourth step is to check the baited stations every 30 to 90 days to see if termite activity is detected or has stopped. When activity stops, shatter termite bait can be removed and replaced with a wood monitor. Repeat the process as needed.

If you are dealing with Formosan termites, stations should be checked more often, about once a month, because those termites consume more bait.


Fifth and Final step is to replace the wood monitor as needed. Wood that is soggy or moldy should be replaced as soon as possible.


Some Pro Tips

Take the monitoring device that was being fed upon in an infested station, and tap some of the termites into the bait tube. This is called self-recruitment. It will cause about 30% more feeding on bait tubes. Termites will eat their way out and take the poison to the colony which will start the elimination process.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do termite bait stations really work?

A: Of course, they work. They are specially designed and they not only kill termites within the traps but also kill a large house of termites. It is really very much effective. It is an affordable and long term solution.


Q: How long does termite bait stations last?

A: According to the research, liquid termite treatment usually lasts about five to eight years. It also depends on the product used and the soil around the home as well as how perfectly the stations were installed.


Q: What is the best termite bait station?

A: Spectracide Terminate Termite Detection & Killing Stakes is the best termite bait stations overall. Not only it detects the termite but also it can kill it quickly and effectively.


Q: Where to buy sentricon bait station refills?

A: You can get a great choice of sentricon bait station refills here. You do not need to go to any other place and waste your time finding the best termite bait station refills. Spectracide Terminate Termite Detection & Killing Stakes is the best refill for the termite bait station.


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