Best Childproof Door Handle Covers – Top 5 Buying Guide

The Best Childproof Door Handle Covers: Has your young child just learned how to walk, then you will want to consider the best childproof door handle covers. This momentous event deserves to be celebrated, of course, but this new independence comes with safety concerns as well. Not only do you need to childproof your cabinets with safety locks, but you need to make sure your little one can’t go around opening doors to the outside. These are the top ten childproof door handle covers available to ensure your toddler stays safe.


While you may think that all door handle covers are the same, there are many types of door knob safety locks to choose from. With some, they may be completely childproof. However, the downside is that they are adult-proof, too.


What to Look for and What to Avoid when choosing Childproof Door Handle Covers


Some doorknob child safety locks are very slippery, and many grown-ups have trouble opening them as a result. As an adult, properly gripping the doorknob cover is tricky and can cause a lot of frustration. The toddler can’t open the exterior door, but neither can anyone else.


When you are looking for a child proof door handle covers, make sure there are grips so that you can turn the knob without a struggle. The grips allow you to have a firm hold on the doorknob to open it easily, allowing you to exit your home without frustration.


Be sure the child safety door knob cover fits properly. Some can be very loose on some styles of doorknobs, which will not allow you to maintain a firm grip. Also, ensure that, when the time comes, you can easily remove the baby-proof cover. Some covers are very difficult to unlatch.



Most child proof door handle covers use hard plastic, like those used in toys and strollers. Some will have a BPA-free or non-toxic material. Others are eco-friendly, too. Whatever you choose, make sure that it is durable and designed well enough so that your child cannot escape.



Only a few designs will protect keyholes or locks that are part of the knob. Some include tiny cameras that open or close to expose the opening, but sometimes the shutter experiences a great deal of wear, meaning that it can break off.



Most covers are white; however, some match the doorknob to make them less noticeable. They may cost more, but for some parents, it’s worth the extra money. Covers can come in copper, silver, gold, brass, grey, and white.


Quick Releases

As mentioned, these covers are meant to keep children safe, not to lock adults in. Some models come with a quick-release function so an adult can open doors easier. The cover may come with holes for fingers or a squeezing mechanism for gripping the door handle.


They are more commonly found for round doorknobs over other types.


Ten Most Recommended Childproof Door Handle Covers


Worth Mentioning Childproof Door Handle Covers:

Door Monkey Childproof Door Lock

Childproof Door Handle Covers

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While it is not specifically a cover, parents love this device, so it bears mentioning. You can use it with any doorknob because you use it on 1-3/8” doors, but note that it fits standard doors only. Measure beforehand to ensure that it fits your door’s requirements.


The device clamps onto the edge of the door and mounts in seconds. You can set it at any height, and it unlocks with the push of a button so you can open it from the inside of your room. From the outside, it unlocks by pulling the tail.

What We Like
  • Rubber grips protect the door from damage
  • Hangs on the doorknob while not in use
  • Great at keeping children in room and parents won’t be locked in
  • Kids can’t get to the device
What We Dont Like
  • Plastic may cause it to easily break
  • Some creaking

Best Budget Childproof Door Handle Covers:

Dreambaby L908 Door Knob Cover

Childproof Door Handle Safety Covers


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These covers are the easiest to use and install. They open wide to fit easily on most doorknobs and click into place. The exposed circles allow adults to squeeze and grasp the knob, so it’s easy for adults to open. They are also reusable.

What We Like
  • Fits over standard doorknobs and can be taken with you
  • Allows parents to continue to use twist buttons or locking push on doors
  • Comes with three covers
What We Dont Like
  • Some find it a bit large
  • May not be for smaller hands

Childproof Door Handle Covers: Best for Spherical Doorknobs:

Betertek Door Knob Safety Cover

Childproof Door Handle Safety Cover for Kids


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This cover is designed for a spherical doorknob and has a bigger size. It uses polypropylene fiber, making it strong, durable, odorless, and non-toxic.

What We Like
  • Easy to assemble with strong snaps
  • Double protection lock means it is more challenging for a child to remove them
  • Has window that covers the key lock
What We Dont Like
  • Door to cover keyhole doesn’t easily open
  • Somewhat difficult to open

Most Innovative Childproof Door Handle Covers:

Safety 1st OutSmart Child Proof Door Lever Lock

Childproof Door Handle Covers

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This lock is for a lever handle. It has a mountable opening that the level goes into, making it challenging for children to get through. The decoy button hides the practical button and diverts the child’s focus.


If the lock isn’t in use, the lever lock arm pushes down until the deactivation indication appears. It is very simple for adults to operate.

What We Like
  • Tools are not needed for installation
  • Mounts using adhesive
  • Adhesive is easy to remove after use without damaging the wall
What We Dont Like
  • Some children locked parents in
  • If the bottom latch doesn’t fully collapse, then it can be easily moved into the lock position

Childproof Door Handle Covers: Best for French Doors:

Safety 1st Lever Handle Lock

Lever Handle Lock

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This lock fits easily over most French doors. It works with the door handle’s natural movement to open and has a simple push slide to unlock a door. All that an adult must do is press it and slide the bottom portion to open. It’s that simple.

What We Like
  • Press and slide design
  • Spring-loaded release
What We Dont Like
  • May not be as durable as it should be
  • Easier for some toddlers to figure out


These devices are great for any door, and there is a range in the products available. You should be able to find something that works, regardless of the type and shape of the doorknob you have. Some styles work better than others, depending on the type of configuration of the doorknob (key lock, twisting button, etc.). However, parents are sure to find one that works based on what they need.

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