Best Chimney Fire Extinguishers in 2022 – Puts Fire Out Fast

Every home has a kitchen or fireplace that is equipped with a chimney and so you will need the best chimney fire extinguishers. Do you know that chimney is the riskiest place for the possibility of fire? No one wants to face any dangerous fire in their house caused by their kitchen chimney. It can be dangerous and deadly.


A fire extinguisher that is specially designed to extinguish a chimney fire is needed. When you cook with oil, the chimney collects the gas and dust. If you don’t clean it regularly then a fire may occur. If you want to prevent a potential fire then install a fire extinguisher. Though a traditional fire extinguisher will not be installed inside of the chimney because of its size and weight.


You can prevent a chimney fire by reducing the extreme temperature, clean it frequently, or avoiding the use of water. You can install a traditional fire extinguisher beside the chimney but it may not work when no one is present. A chimney fire extinguisher is specially created for the chimney. We have equipped this article with best chimney fire extinguishers.


Chimney Fire Extinguisher Reviews in 2022


1. Chimfex By Orion Safety Products – CSIA Approved Chimney Fire Extinguisher – Safe, Quick and Easy – Stops Chimney Fires In Homes in Under 22 Secs. (Best Chimfex chimney fire extinguisher)


Chimfex By Orion Safety Products - CSIA Approved Chimney Fire ExtinguisherChimfex By Orion Safety Products - CSIA Approved Chimney Fire Extinguisher - Safe, Quick and Easy - Stops Chimney Fires In Homes in Under 22 Secs (Best chimfex chimney fire extinguisher)

The chimfex chimney fire extinguisher is the best fire extinguisher for a chimney fire. Orion Safety Products make this fire extinguisher. It is CSIA Approved, safe, quick, and easy. It is able to extinguish chimney fires in homes in under 22 secs. Every person who has a chimney, a fireplace, or wood-burning or pellet stove in their home must have this fire extinguishing device.


This Chimfex is the best chimney fire extinguisher. It is the first line of defense and controlling chimney fires. This chimney fire extinguisher stick is a trusted fire extinguishing device by professional and homeowners all over the nation. It uses top-quality materials that is highly used by professional firefighters all over the world.


It is approved by the Chimney Safety Institute of America and has proven effective for over 40 years. You may ask that how does a chimney fire extinguisher work? Well, it reduces the amount of oxygen in the flue and suffocates the fire reducing its fuel. It is a safe, fast, and effective tool for combating a chimney fire.


The chimfex faced an independent test and proved the clear and conclusive Superiority of the Chimfex over the competition. There are some benefits of using the chimfex chimney fire extinguisher, such as it can extinguish chimney fires in an average of just 22 seconds, it reduces chimney temperatures an average of 53% in two minutes, also it can reduce chimney oxygen levels an average of 43% in two minutes.


We suggest you keep these chimney fire extinguishers in your home if you have a chimney. It also would be the perfect gift for anyone who has a wood-burning stove, pellet stove, or fireplace. Also, if you have a home, cabin, or ski lodge then you should keep one or more Chimfex sticks.



2. MEECO’S RED DEVIL FireEx Chimney Fire Suppressant


MEECO'S RED DEVIL FireEx Chimney Fire SuppressantMEECO'S RED DEVIL FireEx Chimney Fire Suppressant

If you have a chimney in your home then you should keep a fire extinguishing device beside you. Though there are different types of traditional and modern fire extinguishing devices available in the market, such as cylinder-based traditional fire extinguishers, fireballs, element fire extinguishers, and more. All of those are perfect for different situations and different places.


Some of the fire extinguishers are specially made for specific needs and demands. For example, a traditional cylinder-based fire extinguisher is able to extinguish a big fire, a fireball can extinguish a small fire, though some fireballs together can extinguish a large fire, also the element fire extinguisher can extinguish a small fire effectively and quickly.


In the case of the chimney, you need a fire extinguishing device that is specially created for the chimney. MEECO’S RED DEVIL FireEx Chimney Fire Suppressant is another great device for extinguishing a chimney fire. It is safe and easy to use. It has no flare, that’s why it doesn’t need any pre-ignition.


It has a tested performance of extinguishing the chimney fire by Lokee Testing Laboratory. It can control the chimney fire in less than 2 minutes. It can stop a chimney fire quickly without leaving any water damage.


If you have a chimney then this Fire Suppressant is for your daily use. Reduce a potentially deadly chimney fire and protect your family, home with FireEx. for woodstoves, fireplace inserts & fireplaces.


Chimney Fire Extinguishers: How to Extinguish A Chimney Fire [Best Way To Extinguish A Chimney Fire]

How to Extinguish A Chimney Fire [Best Way To Extinguish A Chimney Fire]


Chimney fires are very dangerous. It burns like an explosive. So, it is important to prepare yourself and be equipped with fire extinguishing devices.  Now the question is how can you extinguish a chimney fire? Well, there are a few types of methods that can be applied to extinguish chimney fires.


You will need an ABC-type dry chemical fire extinguishing agent. It may be cylinder-based or fireball. I suggest you use a fireball to extinguish the chimney fire because it is very easy to use. However, now you have a chimney fire extinguisher that is specially created to extinguish a chimney fire.


There are some steps that must be followed if you want to prevent fire damage from the chimney. Such as, after cooking make sure that you have turned off the fire stove. Clean the stove and chimney frequently. It is one of the best ways to prevent a sudden fire. Do not use a expired or damaged gas cylinder. Check frequently, if the gas pipe has any defects.


Well, on the other hand, if you have a fireplace/firebox inside of your room then you also need to maintain it regularly. After using the firebox make sure it is extinguished properly. Always keep a bucket of water and a fire extinguisher beside the firebox.


Below we Have 2 Methods That Are Used To Extinguish The Chimney Fire


Use Dry Chemical Powder

Dry chemical powder extinguishes a fire effectively. If the flue of the chimney has enough space then you can set a dry chemical powder bomb there. Use sealable plastic bags and fill the dry chemical powder. When the fire occurs then throw the powder into the fire through the flue top.


You can drop a few bags depending on the size of the flue fire. After a few seconds, the plastic bags will melt and release the dry chemical powder in the fire which will extinguish the fire. You can install a fireball beside the kitchen stove or firebox. But now there are chimney fire extinguishers that can effectively extinguish the chimney fire.


Treat from The Bottom

As we told you before, keep a bucket full of water or sand beside the fireplace or kitchen. When you see that the fire is going to spread then immediately throw the water or sand into the fire. It is a very difficult and long process. The easy way to extinguish a chimney fire is to use a traditional kitchen fire extinguisher or better to use a fireball. Install a chimney fire extinguisher, kitchen fire extinguisher or fireball beside the fireplace.


How to Properly Extinguish a Fireplace Fire

How to Properly Extinguish a Fireplace Fire


The winter season is already coming. Now is the time is to enjoy the fireplace. A fireplace is the most enjoyable place in the home in winter. Though it is enjoyable it is hazardous if you can’t put out the fire correctly. Remember, when you putting out the fire not to use water. It will make lots of smoke which will spread throughout the whole house that can cause eye irritation. It also makes it difficult to clean the ashes.


Below have some quick tips to extinguish the fireplace fire properly:

  • You can use a poker to spread out the embers on the fireplace.
  • Use ash over the embers, it can make the fire smother.
  • Also, baking soda can extinguish a fire. You can spread a thin layer of baking soda over the fire.
  • Take the ash on a metal container from the fireplace and keep the container out of the house for the ash to cool down.
  • If the ash is flammable then keep them out of the house with a container.
  • If you strictly follow those above tips then you can prevent fire damage in your house caused by the fireplace.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you put out a chimney fire with a fire extinguisher?

A: Yes you can put out a chimney fire with any type of fire extinguisher.


Q: How do you deal with a chimney fire?

A: If you face a chimney fire then don’t be panic. Just make the right decision and follow the below instructions.

  • At first, shut the ventilation system from the chimney if have one. It reduces the oxygen supply and helps to extinguish the fire.
  • Splash some water properly if the fireplace is open.
  • Move the other flammable items away from beside the chimney.
  • Throw sand in the fire which can extinguish the fire.
  • You can use any dry chemical bomb.
  • Use the a traditional fire extinguisher.
  • You can also use fireballs.
  • A chimney fire extinguisher is the best way to extinguish a chimney fire.
  • Call the fire brigade immediately if the fire is getting out of control.


Q: What are the signs of a chimney fire?

A: There are a few signs of a chimney fire.

  • Sparks or flame is the most common signs of a chimney fire.
  • When the fire is visible from the top of the chimney.
  • Loud noise, popping or cracking.
  • A big amount of smoke.
  • Changes in fire color.
  • Strong Smell.


Q: How can you prevent a chimney fire?

A: There are some tips to prevent a chimney fire.

  • Prevent creosote build-up.
  • Inspect your chimney annually or frequently.
  • Frequently clean the chimney.
  • Use a chimney cap.
  • You must use a safe fire starter. It can prevent unwanted chimney fires.
  • Use clean-burning tools.


Final Words

Most fires occur from the kitchen and chimney. That’s why you must equip your kitchen with a fire extinguisher and install chimney fire extinguishers. It will be a smart decision to equip yourself with firefighting tools at your home.


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