Element Fire Extinguisher Mounts [Advanced Fire Protection]

In the quest for enhanced safety and preparedness, the landscape of fire protection has evolved significantly. One notable advancement in this arena is the emergence of the Element Fire Extinguisher and the Element Fire Extinguisher Mounts, offering a cutting-edge solution for comprehensive fire safety. In this article, we delve into the features, benefits, and revolutionary aspects of the Element Fire Extinguisher and the Element Fire Extinguisher Mounts that make them stand out in the realm of advanced fire protection.

Element Fire Extinguisher Mounts

Features of the Element Fire Extinguisher

1. Compact Design, Powerful Performance:

  • Element Fire Extinguishers are characterized by their compact design, allowing for easy integration into various settings. Despite their size, these units deliver powerful fire suppression capabilities, making them a versatile and effective tool for immediate response.

2. Revolutionary Extinguishing Agent – Element E50:

  • At the heart of the Element Fire Extinguisher is the revolutionary extinguishing agent, Element E50. This cutting-edge substance is environmentally friendly, leaving no residue and causing minimal damage to surfaces. Its effectiveness in suppressing various types of fires, including electrical and liquid-based, sets a new standard in fire protection.

3. Applicability Across Multiple Industries:

  • Element Fire Extinguishers are designed with versatility in mind. Their applicability extends across multiple industries, including automotive, marine, industrial, and residential settings. This adaptability ensures that users in diverse sectors can benefit from the advanced fire protection offered by Element.

4. Immediate Activation with User-Friendly Design:

  • The user-friendly design of the Element Fire Extinguishers ensures immediate activation in the event of a fire. This quick response is critical in emergencies, allowing individuals to address a fire promptly before it escalates.

5. No Ongoing Maintenance – Ready When You Need It:

  • Unlike traditional fire extinguishers that require periodic maintenance checks, the Element Fire Extinguishers eliminate the need for ongoing maintenance. This “install and forget” approach ensures that the extinguisher is ready for use whenever the need arises.

6. Enhanced Safety in Confined Spaces:

  • The compact nature of the Element Fire Extinguishers makes them particularly effective in confined spaces where traditional fire extinguishers might be challenging to install. This feature expands the reach of advanced fire protection to areas that were previously underserved.

7. Environmentally Conscious Design:

  • Element E50, the extinguishing agent used in these units, is designed with environmental consciousness in mind. Its minimal environmental impact aligns with the growing emphasis on sustainable and eco-friendly fire protection solutions.

8. Integration with Smart Home Systems:

  • In an era of smart technology, Element Fire Extinguishers are not left behind. They can seamlessly integrate with smart home systems, providing users with real-time alerts and remote monitoring capabilities for added convenience and peace of mind.

9. Compliance with Stringent Safety Standards:

  • Element Fire Extinguishers adhere to stringent safety standards, ensuring that users can trust in the reliability and effectiveness of these advanced fire protection systems. Compliance certifications provide an added layer of confidence in their performance.


Element Fire Extinguisher Mounts


Augusta Motorsports Element E50 Fire Suppression Quick Fist Mount (Element fire extinguisher mounts)


Augusta Motorsports Element E50 Fire Suppression Quick Fist MountAugusta Motorsports Element E50 Fire Suppression Quick Fist Mount (Element fire extinguisher mount)

Enhancing the safety features of your vehicle is a priority for any motorsports enthusiast, and the Augusta Motorsports Element E50 Fire Suppression Quick Fist Mount offers a groundbreaking solution. In this review, we explore the key features and benefits of this innovative mounting system designed to secure the Element E50 fire suppression system in the fast-paced world of motorsports.

Features of the Augusta Motorsports Element E50 Fire Suppression Quick Fist Mount

1. Secure and Rapid Access:

  • The Quick Fist Mount by Augusta Motorsports ensures that the Element E50 Fire Suppression system is securely fastened yet easily accessible. The design allows for quick and efficient retrieval during critical moments, providing peace of mind in high-pressure situations.

2. Tailored for Motorsports Enthusiasts:

  • Augusta Motorsports understands the unique needs of motorsports enthusiasts, and the Quick Fist Mount is tailored with precision for this community. The mount is rugged and durable, capable of withstanding the vibrations and demands of motorsports environments.

3. Effortless Installation:

  • Installing the Quick Fist Mount is a straightforward process. The well-thought-out design and included hardware ensure that users can easily affix the mount to their vehicles, saving valuable time for enthusiasts who want to focus on the thrill of the ride.

4. Compatible with Various Surfaces:

  • One standout feature of the Quick Fist Mount is its compatibility with various surfaces. Whether mounted inside the cabin, in the engine bay, or on roll bars, this versatile mount provides flexibility for users to choose the most convenient and accessible location for their Element E50 Fire Suppression system.

5. Durable Construction for Demanding Environments:

  • Motorsports environments are known for their rugged conditions, and the Quick Fist Mount lives up to the challenge. Constructed from durable materials, this mount ensures the Element E50 remains securely in place, ready to deploy in the face of any fire-related emergency.

6. Efficient Space Utilization:

  • Space is often a premium in motorsports vehicles, and the Quick Fist Mount maximizes space utilization. Its compact design ensures that the Element E50 is neatly secured without compromising on the limited space available in racing vehicles.

7. Designed for Element E50 Compatibility:

  • Augusta Motorsports designed the Quick Fist Mount with the specific dimensions and features of the Element E50 Fire Suppression system in mind. This tailored approach ensures a seamless fit and guarantees that the system is ready for action when needed most.

8. Added Protection for Valuable Equipment:

  • Beyond its primary function of securing the Element E50, the Quick Fist Mount also acts as a protective shield. It guards against potential damage that can occur during intense maneuvers or off-road adventures, ensuring the longevity of both the mount and the fire suppression system.

9. Versatile Application Beyond Motorsports:

  • While ideal for motorsports, the Quick Fist Mount’s versatility extends beyond racing environments. Its robust design and adaptability make it a valuable asset for off-road vehicles, recreational vehicles, and any application where secure and accessible fire suppression is paramount.
The Augusta Motorsports Element E50 Fire Suppression Quick Fist Mount is a game-changer for motorsports safety. Its secure yet accessible design, durability in demanding environments, and compatibility with the Element E50 make it a must-have for enthusiasts prioritizing safety on the track. Augusta Motorsports has once again demonstrated its expertise in crafting solutions that meet the unique demands of motorsports, elevating the standard for fire suppression systems in high-performance vehicles.


How Does Element Fire Extinguisher Work? [Easy 4 Steps]

How Does Element Fire Extinguisher Work [Easy 4 Steps]

The element fire extinguisher is a hand-operated device like the cylindrical pressure fire extinguisher. It is very easy to use. You don’t need any experience and no practice is needed. Just follow the steps below and extinguish the fire.


Step 1

First, hold the element fire extinguisher with your hand and discard or remove the top protection cap.


Step 2

Then carefully hold the black plastic handle on the extinguisher and remove the bottom striker.


Step 3

After removing the bottom striker, strike the yellow tip along the red tip. It will create a chemical reaction and gas will immediately flow from the tip of the element.


Step 4

When you see that the gas is flowing then hold the handle to the base of the fire. Hold it until the fire extinguisher or gas is finished.


Follow the above steps and extinguish the fire easily and quickly.


How Does Element Compare?

Extinguisher typeABC PowderAFF FoamCO2Wet ChemicalWaterElement
AgentPowderAFFF/FFPCarbon DioxidePotassium CarbonateH20Potassium Nitrate
ResidueResidueResidueNo ResidueResidueResidueNo Residue
Models1kg / 2kg2kg2kg6L3LElement 50/100
Actual Weight3.5 kg3.6 kg3.5 kg10 kg5 kg275g – 360 g
Discharge Time7 – 11 sec10 sec10 sec50 sec20 sec50 – 100 sec
Under PressureYesYesYesYesYesNon- Pressurized
Fire ClassificationABCABBCAKAABCK


7 Key Features of Element Fire Extinguisher

7 Key Features of Element Fire Extinguisher

Element Fire Extinguisher is more than 80% smaller and has 5X discharge time than other traditional fire extinguishers. Below are some key features.


Longer Lasting

The element fire extinguisher has a longer discharge time than other traditional fire extinguishers. It has a 50 – 100 second discharge time which is higher than a 5lbs fire extinguisher. This element fire extinguisher has a fast start-up and is long-lasting.


Smaller and Lighter

The element fire extinguisher is approximately 80% smaller and 10X lighter than the other traditional fire extinguishers. It has a compact size that easily fits anywhere and is very convenient to carry.


Easier To Use

If you already use a cylindrical pressure fire extinguisher then you know that it is a little bit difficult to use. On the other hand, an element fire extinguisher is very small and compact. It is also very easy to use.



Some fire extinguishers use toxic chemicals that are harmful to the human body. The element fire extinguisher does not use any toxic chemicals.


Maintenance Free

Every type of fire extinguisher needs to be maintained annually. The element fire extinguisher does not require any maintenance.



The good news is that an element fire extinguisher contains clean & non-toxic firefighting gas. That’s why it will not leave any residue on the surface.



As you already know the element fire extinguisher discharges clean & non-toxic firefighting gas. It is eco-friendly and safe for children and pets.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do element fire extinguishers work?

A: Yes, the element fire suppression device works to extinguish a small fire. It is a quicker and easier way to extinguish a fire. It is a potassium nitrate-based gas and it will not leave any dirt on the surface after use.


Q: Who makes element fire extinguishers?

A: The company Element Fire makes the element fire extinguisher in Italy. Element is a tested and proven technology. It safely and effectively extinguishes a fire without leaving any mess, toxicity, or danger.


Q: Where to buy an element fire extinguisher?

A: You can buy the element fire extinguisher in any fire security store or online.


Q: Is the Gas safe to breathe?

A: Element fire extinguisher discharges potassium nitrate-based gas to extinguish the fire. It has no toxic chemicals, and it is not corrosive. It is safe to breathe but it should not be aimed at any person.


Q: Is the element certified?

A: The element fire extinguisher has been certified by CE Europe, TUV, and the RINA maritime authority. It is also tested and certified for use by multiple international militaries and police groups.


Final Words

In a world where safety is paramount, Element Fire Extinguishers emerge as a beacon of advanced fire protection. Their compact design, revolutionary extinguishing agent, and seamless integration with modern technology showcase a commitment to redefining the standards of fire safety. As we embrace the future, the Element Fire Extinguisher and the Element Fire Extinguisher Mounts pave the way for a new era of enhanced protection and preparedness against the unpredictable nature of fires.


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