Hazards and Risks Definition

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Hazard Is

  • – Anything that may cause harm (e.g. chemicals, electricity, working at height, etc)
  • – A hazard is any source of potential damage, harm or adverse effects.
  • – Hazard is a situation that poses a level of threat of life, health, property or environment.

Risk Is

  • – The chance (high or low) that someone are injured by the hazard.
  • – Risk is someone or something that creates or suggests a hazard.
  • – Risk is a possibility of danger or harm.

Hazard = any source of potential adverse health effect, harm or damage.

Risk = the likelihood that a person exposed to a hazard will be harmed.

Exposure = the extent to which someone is subjected to a hazard.





Qualitative risk analysis

 ● Simpler

● Are often used once no precise info concerning possibilities of risk is on the market



Quantitative risk analysis

 ●More Systematic

● Suitable for mathematical analysis

● Provide figures on the (economic) impact of risks

Element of Risk

  1. People
  2. Property
  3. Environment
  4. Mission (business continuity, information)


What Is The Basic Concept Of Safety?

Safety: The state of being safe, exempt on from hurt or injury, freedom from danger in safety.

We can call it,

Safety = Awareness + Preparation



Aria of Safety in the Workplace, School and Home


Building and Structural Safety – Safety in general including installation as per existing building code and expert engineer.


Environment Safety – Issues of environment safety (direct or indirect impact of the school, home and industry).


Material or Equipment Safety – Safety of the materials used in the production or others.


Workplace Safety – Safety issues directly associated with the workplace.


Fire Safety – Fire safety, specifically, the risks associated with the school, home, and industry.


Electrical Safety – generally and above all, arising from the instrumentality used.



Safety Control Measures

Safety control Measures is a very important matter. Its implementation should be done using the following hierarchy order

  1. Prevention Measures
  2. Protection Measures
  3. Mitigation Measures

A prevention measure is to reduce the likelihood of accidents or occupational disease occurrence.


By engineering or technical measures..

  • Remove it
  • Reduce levels of hazardous materials
  • Replace it



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