How Hard Is It To Become A Firefighter

To become a firefighter is not so easy. You have to prove your qualifications and skills. You have to be educated and well trained in firefighting and rescue operations.


How Hard Is It To Become A Firefighter


After that, you have to pass the drug screening test and physical test. All of these processes are not as easy as you think. Below you can learn about the steps of how to become a firefighter.

Steps To Become A Firefighter

Requirements To Become A Firefighter Are below

There are some variations of requirements from state to state to become a firefighter. But all applicants must meet the basic requirements such as educational, training, and physical requirements. Here we like to share those basic requirements with you:



Applicants must have completed high school education. It is a common requirement to become a firefighter. You know that usually, it will take a minimum of 12 years to complete. A college degree is not necessary for this post but a post-secondary college degree will help you to get promotions and advanced job positions.


Need To Learn About Fire Science Education

After graduating from high school you should consider getting a degree in fire science and some fire training. Because before your age is eligible to apply at a fire department there is still some time.


An associate’s degree will help you to get better positions and promotions. It will take about 2 years. But if you want a better chance in the future and want a higher salary then you must go for a bachelor’s degree. It will take at least 4 years.


Get An EMT certificate

An Emergency Medical Technician certificate may be needed but it depends on the area or state that you live in. An EMT certification will be needed before applying for this job. While in other states, you can get this certification after getting hired for the job.


This EMT program provides a comprehensive knowledge to individuals about emergency care. You can learn about how to provide emergency care such as CPR. It will also familiarize you with care protocols and medical terminology. You must pass this certification exam.


How Long Does It Take To Become An EMT Certified?

Most of the fire departments require emergency medical technician (EMT) certification but CPR certification is common to all firefighting personnel. EMT certification will give you an extra advantage for the firefighting job. You can get EMT certification in one to two years.



You must be 18 years old or older. 18 years old is the minimum requirement for the firefighter job.


Pass The Drug Screening Test and Physical Test

All of the applicants must pass the drug screening test and physical test before applying. These tests ensure the applicants are healthy and physically fit for the job and evaluate the readiness of a candidate. You will be disqualified if you fail any of these tests.


Driving License

Applicants must have a valid driving license. Sometimes you willneed to drive the truck.


Applications To The Post

Fire departments might hire every 4 months or even after 5 years. But most of the fire departments hire every year. Always get up to date for new applications. If the process will start, then apply for the firefighter post.


Enroll In Recruit Training

If you are selected for the post of firefighter then enroll in recruit training. Training is the most important part to become a firefighter. All of the candidates will receive career-oriented training that are enrolled in the program. Here you can learn some basic skills about the basics of the firehouse, how to handle the call, and how to respond to them. It will be required later. In this training program, you will get to know:

  • Building codes
  • Techniques of fire prevention
  • Use of Firefighting equipment
  • Emergency medical treatments


How Long Does It Take To Become A Firefighter?

How Long Does It Take To Become A Firefighter


If you are looking for a career opportunity that would help people every day in any type of emergency, and that is full of challenges. Then the career of a firefighter is perfect for you. Today we will discuss in this below article about how long it takes to become a firefighter.


If you want to become a firefighter then you must read this full article. Here you will learn every single step to become a firefighter.


There are so many reasons why people want to be a firefighter. But to become a dedicated firefighter you should have some personal skill and mind setup. Before starting a firefighting career you have to ask yourself some important questions. Here we have some basic requirements for Becoming a Firefighter:


  • Do you want to help other people? The main job of a firefighter is to help and rescue others. It may very dangerous but you must have a passion to do it.
  • Are you physically fit? A firefighter needs to do hard work. So you must be healthy and active.
  • Are you able to work with a team? A firefighter must work with a team. So you must be a team player.
  • Will you be able to perform well under stress? A firefighter handles an extreme challenge in dangerous situations and faces extremely dangerous scenarios. Are you ready?
  • Are you able to handle a tough work schedule? Sometimes firefighter may work without any break, such as 24 hours or 48 hours shifts.


If you have a positive answer to the above questions and if you have those skills then you can become a firefighter. But before then, you need some requirements to become a firefighter such as education, training, etc.

Working As A Firefighter

After selection, you will be employed in a local government fire department after becoming a firefighter. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are over 90% of firefighters employed by fire departments, but you can also work in another area’s except for fire departments such as airports, chemical plants, industrial sites, etc.


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