How Long Does a Security Camera Last?

If you’re looking to purchase a security system for your home or business, you’ll want to find one that is reliable and will work effectively for many years to come. But how long does a security camera last? Let’s look at the lifespan of different types of security cameras.


How Long Does a Security Camera Last

IP Cameras

For PoE/IP cameras, this is a nuanced discussion. Analog cameras were the predominant security method for a long time until the advent of IP cameras, which revolutionized the technology sector and the home security industry.


We could answer the question of the failure rate of an IP camera and how often you should replace one, but our response is, because the technology has only been around since the ‘90s, there isn’t too much research or data to substantiate an answer. In addition, it’s difficult to collect such data because consumers replace them before they become defunct.


Lastly, like with the Apple phenomenon of continual upgrades, consumers, by and large, choose to update their security cameras with new and more sophisticated gadgetry with new features. That makes it hard to discern how long a camera could theoretically last.


All that said, a wireless security camera should last two NVR (network video recorder) cycles. A network video recorder is a computer subsystem that records video footage and stores this data in one of four places: a hard drive, an SD card, a mass storage device, or the cloud. An NVR cycle is how long said network video recorder lasts.


For instance, if an NVR has a lifespan of five years, the IP camera in question should last ten. At that point, we recommend buying a new camera with new technology and features, like motion detection or continuous recording, to keep up-to-date with the market and ensure that the camera’s software is compatible with your new NVR system.


Market Trends

Early adopters (the niche group after innovators in the adoption cycle) of IP cameras now favor multi-sensor cameras, which are a new innovation. These cameras use panoramic technology and deliver a 360-degree view. They are so high-performing that they can do the job of multiple cameras and cut down on the number of cameras you’ll need.


Wired Security Cameras

These cameras, operated by a DVR (digital video recorder) or an NVR (network video recorder), get built into your home’s electric wiring for both internet and power sources. They record footage around the clock, and you can hook them up to the internet for remote access.


The newer NVR wired security cameras use ethernet cables to plug into the Wi-Fi. They are still considered wired security cameras as their power source is entangled in your home’s electrical wiring.


Like wireless (IP) cameras, there isn’t much substantiating data that tells us how long they’ll last. Some companies recommend replacing wired cameras after ten years, noting that even before faults appear, the 10-year mark is a reasonable time frame to upgrade to something newer on the market.


Wired Security Cameras

Product Reviews

If you’re looking to upgrade your current security system, here are some of the newest and best options on the market.




These super-high-res cameras come with infrared technology and spotlight low-lighting settings. All of them have highly efficient compression and maximize video storage – which on some can reach up to 6Tb by expanding the NVR.


Unfortunately, they don’t store to the cloud and are pretty expensive. Still, they are feature-rich cameras with a highly integrated system that we highly recommend.


You can view packages here. Prices run between $99 and $1,199 (for businesses).


Swann SWDVK-445802V

This camera is part of a great, fully integrated smart home system. With 4K resolution, infrared and color night vision, Alexa and Google Assistant functionality, and local and cloud storage, it’s an excellent buy for those who want to go all the way.


Unfortunately, it is also very costly. It also only has a 90-degree range, and its driveway/vehicle and pet detection system requires you to purchase a subscription.


Still, we feel it’s worth it at an MSRP of $799.99.



Swann 8 Channel 4 Camera Security System

Swann is an Australian company that manufactures excellent, affordable outdoor home security cameras. They produce cameras with a lot of variety and have many wireless cameras on the market, too.


The Swann 8 Channel 4 is budget-friendly and has great weatherproofing features. It comes with an 8-channel DVR. It also has robust night vision, operating up to 100 feet. Because of this, it can also function well indoors.


This camera’s pros include Alexa and Google Assistant integration, 1Tb of local storage, and long cables highly conducive to outdoor use. Cons include a lack of an audio feature and a required DIY setup.


Its MSRP is $189.99.


ZOSI 1080p HD Bullet Camera

This camera is as cheap as they come. It is a standalone camera, and while it doesn’t come with a DVR, it can certainly connect to one. Pros include strong night vision (infrared!) and a strong weatherproof rating.


You’d need to buy your own cables and power supply. So the main pros apply to its standalone functionality. Plus, it is available on Amazon.


Annke E200 Lite Wired Security Camera System

Though it doesn’t come with a subscription, this is a great buy. It has an excellent weatherproofing rating, strong night vision functionality, and remote access capability with push notifications. It comes with eight cameras.


It also comes with 60-foot-long cables. The app is a free download. In general, for what you pay for, this is an affordable and simultaneously feature-rich camera and can be purchased on Amazon.


A wireless camera or wired camera should last up to 10 years. After that, it’s wise to be at the left end of the adoption cycle as an innovator or early adopter and find the best home security system cameras that are hot on the market and provide top-grade features at various price points, depending on your budget.


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