How To Use A Permanent Match? How To Fill It?

A permanent match is very easy to use. It is a wonderful device for any survival situation. It has unlimited uses. It is a perfect tool for stoves, barbecues, gas grills, campfires, cigars, cigarettes, etc.


How To Use A Permanent Match & How To Fill It


It is great for your bug-out bag and survival kit, and also great for emergency preparedness.

  • First of all, remove the match sticks from the match
  • Then scratch the black flint.
  • Strike the match against the flint until it sparks.
  • 2/3 times inject the canister with the lighter fluid.
  • For a dip in the lighter fluid Put the match in the canister
  • Finally, strike the match again to get a light.

Do People Still Use Matches?

A match is very important for your daily life. But in this modern time, the matchstick generally doesn’t come to mind. But matchsticks have still been around for over 100 years and until now. You can’t believe, lots of people still use matchsticks and even more than lighters.


Are Matches Dangerous for Kids?

A match makes a flame. So obviously it is dangerous for kids. As well as, if your kid swallows a match then what to do? A few matches are not dangerous, It will cause some minor irritation to the mouth and stomach.


But if your child swallows a large number of matches then it can cause some serious effects. It can damage the blood cells as well as it can damage the kidneys and liver.


What Is The Permanent Match Made Of?

A Permanent Match is a form of a rectangular shell and is equipped with a metal rod that screws into the shell. It is made from stainless steel. It is also decorated with a key ring.


It is Effective & Easy to Use a Permanent Match

When you can’t use your match or lighter because of rain or wind a stainless steel permanent match will be a lifesaver for you on your outdoor adventure.

  • A permanent match is very effective and works anywhere and anytime in any situation, even in heavy rain or windy weather.
  • It will make a durable flame easily and instantly.
  • This durable survival match works even in the toughest conditions.
  • It is very easy to use and useful for any emergency situation.

A permanent match will always produce a flame and provide the best service anywhere whether you’re inside or out.

Why Do You Need The Permanent Match Lighter?

Here Is The Main Reason Why to Use It:

  • It is durable and can light in any tough condition
  • It is made of high-quality materials.
  • On one fill of lighter fluid, it can light more than 20000 times.
  • It is reliable and very easy to use.

So, forget about the old match and use the permanent match. It is safe to use and safe to extinguish.


Where To Use The Permanent Match Lighter?

A permanent match can use be used anywhere and anytime. It is so dependable. A permanent match is great for various types of uses such as a Ski Lodge fireplace, camping outdoors, a Long hike or hike in the winter, Starting bonfires, Lighting candles, cigarettes, cigars, and other smoking accessories. You can light a fireplace every night in your home or backyard with this permanent match.



  • Unscrew the lighter stick.
  • Before use, you need to fill the canister with lighter fluid.
  • Do not overfill the canister.
  • Scratch the black flint until it’s glossy as steel.
  • Scratch the stick against the flint and get a flame.
  • After use, screw the rod back into the canister.


How To Fill A Permanent Match?

The Permanent Matches ships without lighter fluid. Filling a permanent match with lighter fluid is very easy. At first, unscrew the stick, so you can see the canister.


Fill the canister with lighter fluid (not butane) a minimum of 80% must be filled. Shake the match a couple of times and scratch the stick against the flint and get a flame.


How Does A Permanent Match Work?

The permanent match has two parts one is a container and the other is a match. The container is made to be filled with lighter fluid and on the other hand, the match is made for wick and flint striker.


The container contains a steel rod. When the rod scratches against the flint you will get a flame. After use put the rod back inside the container.


Bottom Line

We should increase the use of permanent matches. It will save money as well as it will save time to start a flame. It is also called a survival match lighter.  So before you pack your bug-out bag don’t forget to take the permanent match along on your adventure.


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