Light Bulb Security Camera Reviews and Buying Guide Of 2023

Many people are looking for a cost-effective hidden security camera to keep an eye on their home and with this in mind we have compiled the best light bulb security camera reviews.


This Wi-Fi light bulb security camera uses the internet through a Wi-Fi network. You can record video and watch the video live on your smartphone by using the app. It doesn’t need a DVR or NVR like a wired security camera. The whole setup process is straightforward


Light Bulb Security Camera Reviews and Buying Guide


If you searching for the best light bulb security camera for your home and property security then you are in the right place. Our team recommended the best light bulb security camera after extensive research and testing.


5 Best Light Bulb Security Camera Reviews for 2023

1. LaView 4MP Bulb Security Camera 2.4GHz,360° 2K Security Cameras


LaView 4MP Bulb Security Camera 2.4GHz,360° 2K Security Cameras Wireless Outdoor Indoor Full Color Day and Night, Motion Detection, Audible Alarm, Easy Installation, Compatible with Alexa (2 Pack)


Laview 4MP  light bulb camera provides 2304*1296P Bright Full HD Colorful Image in the day and night with excellent 17 feet night vision that reduces the darkness without light pollution. Even in total darkness, you can view a clear image. The micro SD card allows the running of motion detection.


To fulfill your security demands, it has five levels of sensitivity. It will send an alarm to your phone when any motion is detected. You can control it by using the LaView app.


To access the video via your smartphone or pc connect the light bulb camera with Wi-Fi. It is an excellent device to monitor your baby or pets. To provide you with 24/7 service the bulb camera supports up to 128GB memory card (not included) and you will never miss any video.


It will automatically save the video. Very easy installation and the Wi-Fi connection is very stable. If you like to use this light bulb camera anywhere outside or somewhere in the distance, use the Wi-Fi extender. The app works well and this light bulb camera has excellent video quality at night.


What We Like
  • Loud and Clear audio
  • Motion detection runs with a Micro SD card
  • Five sensitivity levels
  • Supports up to 128GB memory card
  • Good night vision
What We Dont Like
  • None


2. Ring Floodlight Camera Motion-Activated HD Security Cam

Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Plus with motion-activated 1080p HD video, Black


Now we will introduce you to one of the greatest security cameras. If you have this security camera device in your home then you do not need any worry at night. It will keep your mind at peace when you are out of your home. The Ring Floodlight Camera is the best security device for your home and business.


It is the best light bulb security camera. The motion-activated HD camera detects every movement and informs you with two-way talk and a siren with two floodlights.


With this camera, you can see everything as well as listen to people’s voices and talk to them on your property from anywhere in the world. When detecting any suspicious activity, it sounds a siren. You can operate this floodlight camera with your cellphone, tablet, and pc.


It has a 1080HD resolution that provides a crystal clear view with a 140-degree field and can cover an impressive 270 degrees. The motion sensor can detect human-sized objects of up to 30 feet. Install it a minimum of 9 feet from the ground.


You can identify the visitor with facial, object detection, smart zoom, and panning systems. Without your permission, no one can enter your property. This Ring Floodlight Security Camera is the best from our outdoor light bulb security camera reviews. This is an Amazon Certified security light bulb camera that works with Alexa.


What We Like
  • Comes with ultra-bright LED floodlights
  • Good performance
  • It can Work with Alexa
  • Advanced motion detection
  • Can be used as a night light
What We Dont Like
  • Camera motion is not so smooth


3. 2K Light Bulb Security Camera Outdoor, 360° Wi-Fi Security Camera


2K Light Bulb Security Camera Outdoor, 360° Wi-Fi Lightbulb Security Wireless Camera with Color Night Vision, Motion Tracking Sensor, 24/7 Recording, SD&Cloud Storage, Works with Alexa, E26/E27 Socket


SEHMUA light bulb security camera looks like a normal LED bulb. But this is the smartest design bulb security camera ever. This bulb will become a security camera and keep your home safe from danger. Everyone will know this is just an LED bulb, but no one will notice that you keeping an eye on them.


This bulb security camera provides 2K HD high-resolution image and video quality with 5 different viewing modes in any dark area.


Your property, business, or home will be under your control from anywhere by using the app. You can also switch the light on or off through the app. Connect the bulb camera to the Wi-Fi and control it with your smartphone. When detecting any motion, it will send notification alerts to your phone.


If you missed some moments of motion alert, you can playback the video clips. Night vision only works under the AI model. If people stand there at night, the inner LED light will automatically turn on. The setup is very easy just follow the instruction manual. But before installation make sure that you have a 2.4G router.


What We Like
  • Comes with IR motion detection
  • It has a nice design
  • Has two-way communication
  • Easy to install
  • Very Affordable
What We Dont Like
  • Not waterproof


4. Sengled Floodlight Camera Motion Activated 1080p HD Color Night Vision Security Cam

Sengled Floodlight Camera Motion Activated 1080p HD Color Night Vision Security Cam


Sengled Floodlight Camera comes with some wonderful features. It’s a light bulb with a camera. The video quality is 1080p FHD with Color Night Vision motion activation. This Ultra-Bright dimmable floodlight can detect any motion within 30 feet. It can view a 140-degree wide angle.


The light security camera will alert you when detecting any motion and show real-time FHD quality video. You can see everything as well as listen to people’s voices and talk to them from anywhere in the world with the Sengled Snap App from your mobile or pc.


The duel enhanced wireless antennas provide the double-enhanced Wi-Fi signal and bring you a more stable connection. One of the best features of this security camera is that you can launch real-time video by using your voice from anywhere and can see and listen to who is at your front door or what your employees are doing at your office or factory.


You can keep a complete eye on your garden or backyard with this device. There are so many beneficial features in this 2 pack light security camera.


What We Like
  • Works well 24/7
  • Waterproof LED light camera
  • Comes with motion detection and night vision
  • HD 1080 video quality
  • Supports mobile monitoring and push notification when detecting activity
What We Dont Like
  • A bit pricey


5. Besdersec Full HD 1080P Home WiFi Camera, 360 Degree Panoramic Wireless Security IP Camera

Besdersec Full HD 1080P Home WiFi Camera, 360 Degree Panoramic Wireless Security IP Camera


BESDERSEC creatively introduced Intelligent AI mode to this light bulb security camera. It is a perfect security camera for your front door, backyard, poolside, inside your home or office, and business.


It has HD 1080P resolution and 360-degree viewing angle with an HD 1.44mm fish-eye lens with a built-in IR LED. With this 1 single camera, you can monitor up to 400 square feet. This light bulb camera is very easy to install with the E26 / E27 light socket. No drilling, no wiring, no power cable, and no hard setup. Also, the iCSee APP setup is very easy.


This security bulb camera provides you with a colorful view in the daytime and clear night vision. You will see your room clearly and get an alert of any motion detection even in darkness. It will send the alert to your smartphone.


This bulb security camera is a perfect security device for Home Monitoring, Pet Monitoring, Business Monitoring, and Senior Monitoring when you are on vacation, or a business trip. The great feature is that it supports multi-device remote viewing (iOS / Android / Windows).


That means, after connecting the camera to your phone you can share the camera with your family or other people. Before buying this light bulb security camera, makes sure you have a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connection. It supports 8G – 128G Micro SD card.


What We Like
  • Easy to install and Discreet design
  • View up to 400 square feet
  • Full HD 1080P with night vision
  • Comes with a 1.44mm Fish-eye lens
  • Value for money
What We Dont Like
  • The light switch must remain on for power

Before You Buy, What To Look For

Reason for buying the bulb camera

The LED light bulb camera brightness is the same as conventional lights. If you do not want to monitor your house then you do not need to install a light bulb security camera. But if have some reason to monitor your home or business or other places then we will suggest you install one or more light bulb security cameras and monitor your house remotely.



When you decide to purchase a light bulb security camera, then select the best brand with the best features. You can choose one of our recommendations above. Choose the brand according to your needs. You can depend on their quality and service.



Budget is another factor that you should consider. If you have a low budget then you have to sacrifice some features, but if the budget doesn’t matter then you can get the best light bulb security camera. The brand is also a factor that will cost more. If you have a low budget then we recommend BESDERSEC Full HD 1080P Home Wi-Fi Camera.



Before buying any electrical product it is important to check the warranty. Before purchasing the LED light bulb security camera you must know that you get a product warranty from the manufacturer or seller.


Look at the Features

Light Bulb Security Cameras Feature


Features are the most important. Because light bulb security is not just a bulb or not just an ordinary camera, it is something more than a LED light bulb. It has lots of important features to keep you completely safe. Different companies offer different features.


An LED light is just used to light up your house, but a light bulb security camera will light up your house and keep an eye on your home. It is a great home security system. Consider the following features:


  • High-quality HD video recording

A best-quality light bulb security camera must be able to record high-quality HD video in day or night vision.


  • Motion detection

A light bulb security camera must have motion detection. It must be able to detect any human, animal, or moving objects in front of the camera with the motion detector sensor and send a notification alert to your smartphone.


  • Night vision

Night vision allows you to see an object clearly in any dark place or when you turn off the light. It is a very important feature.


  • Connectivity of Wi-Fi

If you want to remotely monitor your house then use this light bulb security camera but before installing it, you must connect a Wi-Fi line. Without Wi-Fi connectivity, you cannot remotely monitor your house.


  • Monitor with your Smartphone

Before purchase, you need to know that your device allows you to monitor your business through your smartphone. A good brand light bulb security camera supports various types of devices like iOS, Windows, Android devices, PC, etc.


  • 360-degree panoramic angle camera

A light bulb security camera will secure your place if it has a 360-degree panoramic angle viewing camera. You should choose the light bulb camera which is equipped with these features.


  • 2-way speak

2 way speaking is a great feature. Now you can talk to the people who stand in front of your camera through your smartphone from anywhere in the world, and they can also talk to you.


  • Multi-user sharing

Some of the good bulb cameras offer to share the live view with another person in your family or business partner and allow you to record video. This multi-user sharing is an outstanding feature. Now multi people in your family can monitor the house together. This excellent feature is not provided by all light bulb cameras


  • Waterproof

If you want to use the light bulb security camera outside of your home then you must choose a waterproof bulb camera. It is very important to check before buying it.


  • 24/7 Video recording

You install a security camera to monitor your property or home. So it must be able to record every motion in 24 hours for 7 days. You can playback the missing video.


  • Scheduled On and Off

The scheduled recording feature means you can start and stop recording at a specific time. All of these functions can be used by the app on your smartphone.


  • Alert and Notification

Light bulb security cameras have a feature to alert you and send a notification to your phone when detecting any movement.



Tips On Using The Light Bulb Security Camera Tips For Using The Light Bulb Security Camera

If you want to install a bulb light security camera then first you replace your old CCTV system with this modern light bulb security camera. Here are some important tips that you need to know.

  • Install the bulb light security camera at the correct height.
  • Turn off the light before you go to sleep.
  • It is important to install the bulb at the correct location.
  • Routinely check the system and Wi-Fi connection.

FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I connect my smartphone to the light bulb camera?

A: Most of the light bulb security camera comes with Wi-Fi features. If you like to connect the light bulb security camera with your smartphone then follow the instruction guide and read the manual. Every product has a manual on how to connect the Wi-Fi security light bulb camera to your phone. First, download the app to your phone, open the app, press the bulb to reset button, and connect it to the bulb. It is very simple and user-friendly.


Q: How long does the bulb camera last?

A: This light bulb security camera is similar to a conventional LED light. Normally it will last up to 100000 hours or about 50 years. If you use it correctly then it will last a long period. You need to have a stable electricity connection.


Q: Where is the best place to install a bulb camera for a security system?

A: You need to install several light bulb security cameras in different places when using them for home or office security. The most important place is the entrance, backyard, living room, hall room, kid’s room, senior citizen room, and garage. You must choose an outdoor light bulb security camera if you want to use it outdoors.


Q: Does the camera still work when the light is turned off?

A: Yes, it can still work if the light is turned off. Because the light bulb security camera has night vision. But if you switch off the electric power of the bulb then it will not work. So, make sure that your light bulb security camera’s electric power is always turned on. You can switch off the light by using the app on your smartphone.


Q: Does a LED light camera have a battery to store power?

A: The LED light bulb uses only electric power and most of the bulbs don’t use a battery. If any power outage then the light bulb security camera won’t work and will not record any video. After the power is on, the bulb automatically connects to the Wi-Fi and starts working.


Bottom Line

A light bulb camera can secure your home inside and outside. A hidden camera will give us peace of mind and help to secure our property when we are not at home.


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