UV Protective Gloves: A Complete Guide

UV Protective Gloves: A Guide to Choosing and Using Them

At Safety Section, we’re no strangers to gloves and finding the right pair for yourself. When it comes to finding the right clothing for every job and situation, it’s always been our recommendation to try all types.   It’s well-known that UV rays cause all sorts of adverse effects on the skin, including melanoma and … Read more

How to Choose the Best Safety Vest for Your Industry

How to Choose the Best Safety Vest for Your Industry or Activity

Safety vests are an essential piece of modern safety equipment that makes just about every work environment safer. If you’re hunting for equipment with added visibility without inconvenience, this is it.   Safety Vests have different classifications that determine the level of visibility. They can also be flame-resistant and cooling. For the best safety vest, … Read more

Why Is Chemical Safety Important

Why is Chemical Safety Important

The first rule of Chemical safety is… “Know what you are working with and how to protect yourself and others”   Chemical safety is important for improving health and safety in the workplace. Reducing costs on disposal and less spending on wastewater. It also reduces costs associated with production as well as the impact on … Read more

Welding Hazards and Risk Management

Welding Hazards and Risk Management

In this blog post, we will discuss welding hazards and risk management as well as prevention and safety measures that should be implemented.   Electrical Welding Electrical welding is performed by forming an electric arc between the electrode and the piece of metal to be welded.   Depending on the welding method used (manual, automatic, … Read more