Protective Industrial Products: Everything You Need To Know

Safety should be your number one concern if you work any manual job, whether manufacturing, trades, or roadside assistance. That’s why it’s key to have the proper gear ready for every job you face, whether that’s eye protection, hearing protection, head protection, or fall protection. So what is Protective Industrial Products?


Protective Industrial Products (PIP) is your one-stop shop for all the protective gear you need. Protective Industrial Products is a manufacturer in the United States that manufactures PPE products. Personal protective equipment (PPE) keeps you safe throughout the job, so you can worry less about risking your safety.


Protective Industrial Products


But what exactly are these safety products? What do you need for your job? Where can you find the right equipment? If you need help figuring out where to start, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to discover everything you need about Protective Industrial Products to help you choose the products that will keep you and your employees safe.


What Is Protective Industrial Products?

Let’s start by explaining what exactly Protective Industrial Products is.


Protective Industrial Products is a US-based manufacturer that provides products that keep workers safe. They primarily sell their products in bulk, making them ideal for employers who provide safety gear to their employees and distributors.


Since 1984, Protective Industrial Products has produced several well-known safety brands, meaning you can trust the quality of their products. Some of their most popular brands include:

  • Ironcat
  • JSP
  • Claw Cover
  • CleanTeam
  • Dynamic
  • G-Tek


Protective Industrial Products also manufactures safety gear for many different industries, such as:


Through its featured products, the company is committed to innovation and provides its customers and distributors the attention they need to find the most suitable products for the job and industry.


Overall, there are many reasons to choose Protective Industrial Industries for your PPE needs. Let’s take a look at a few of them.


Why You Should Shop Protective Industrial Products

There’s a reason that Protective Industrial Products is a leader in the safety gear industry. They keep their customers coming back again and again, and there are several reasons why that is the case.


To start, Protective Industrial Products has everything you need on one website. As mentioned, PIP is a one-stop shop for everything you need regarding PPE. They have an extensive catalog that also provides a lot of variety. For most products you need, you’ll have a variety of choices. No matter the industry or the job, you can get your complete shopping list of safety gear from one website.


Some popular products you’ll find from Protective Industrial Products include:

  • Arm protection such as arc-rated sleeves
  • Eye and face protection, such as safety glasses and face shields
  • Over-the-shoe and over-the-sock foot protection
  • Hand protection through various types of work gloves
  • Protective clothing such as Hi-Vis clothing and aprons
  • Respiratory protection, such as cartridges


Beyond that, you can also trust the quality of Protective Industrial Products, as it is also behind several large brands known for their high-quality safety. PIP gives you one place to shop all of these brands and easily compare their products to choose the right ones for you. It even has the option to set up product comparisons on its website.


You can also quickly request samples of products online, eliminating the need to drive from store to store to test out different products and determine whether they suit your needs.


Finally, Protective Industrial Products is based in the United States but has several global locations, including Canada, Mexico, and Ireland. They’re spreading their high-quality products and excellent customer service worldwide.


With all these reasons to use Protective Industrial Products as your safety gear supplier, let’s look at some of the top products they offer for different industries and jobs.


Factory worker wears a facemask on the factory floor

Top Protective Industrial Products PPE for Each Job

Protective Industry Products does not leave anyone behind regarding the products they offer. No matter your industry, they have the PPE you need to keep up with health and safety standards.


To illustrate, here are a few jobs and the PPE products in Protective Industrial Products.



Construction workers need a variety of different PPE to complete their jobs. Even within the construction industry, varying positions may require different safety products.


Here are some construction safety products offered by Protective Industrial Products:

Emergency Responders

Emergency responders work a fast-paced job, which makes it easy to forget about safety sometimes. From EMS to firefighters, these high-risk jobs need built-in safety to ensure everyone can make it home at the end of the day.


Emergency responders’ products should be designed for durability and to keep them safe under varying circumstances.


Here are some emergency responder products offered by Protective Industrial Products:

Food Safety

Food safety is often less risky than other jobs, but many things can go wrong in processing, producing, and preparing food.


Here are some food safety products offered by Protective Industrial Products:


Construction workers high up wearing safety vests and hard hats

Wrap-Up: Protect Yourself No Matter What

Protective Industrial Products has been a trusted source for PPE and other safety products for decades. Professionals and employers look to PIP to keep workers safe on the job and ensure the job gets done correctly.


Protective Industrial Products is worth considering if you’re looking for PPE and want access to an extensive catalog.


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