Best Solar Powered Security Camera – Perfect For All Weather

Solar powered security cameras are your nonstop protecting device and your best crucial investment. We have compiled the Best Solar Powered Security Camera which is perfect for all weather. This is the first line of defense that you need. Your security demands shouldn’t be compromised in a challenging environment.   Solar powered security cameras are … Read more

Cost to Install Home Security Cameras

Over 36 million Americans use home security cameras, and the facts are out. Surveillance systems reduce the chances of burglary by over 300% and save you between 5 and 20% on your home insurance. So exactly how much does it cost to install home security cameras?   The most basic answer to this question comes … Read more

What Security Cameras Work Without a Monthly Fee?

Purchasing a good quality security system for your property can be quite a financial investment. For many people, it seems unfair to have to incur ongoing monthly payments just to be able to use their system. While many alarm companies charge for cellular backup, cloud storage, and monitoring, some don’t have additional costs. We discuss … Read more

Is It Better to Have Wired or Wireless Security Cameras?

When it comes to wired or wireless security cameras, each has pluses and minuses, making them attractive to different buyers. Furthermore, some are more complicated than others when it comes to installation. These things are just the tip of the iceberg regarding the differences between the models. We explore this topic in greater depth to … Read more

Security Cameras that Dont Need to Be Plugged In

If you are concerned about your security system going down in the event of a power failure, you may be wondering if there are home security cameras that don’t need to be plugged in. Here’s everything you need to know about security cameras that you can rely on during a power outage and what to … Read more

Do Security Cameras Scare Burglars?

The goal of any home security system is to deter crime, theft, or intrusion. Having a home security camera on your property lets you view footage of any crime that may have been committed, like someone breaking a window in your absence. It also enables you to view any suspicious activity. We discuss the concept … Read more

How Long Does a Security Camera Last?

If you’re looking to purchase a security system for your home or business, you’ll want to find one that is reliable and will work effectively for many years to come. But how long does a security camera last? Let’s look at the lifespan of different types of security cameras.   IP Cameras For PoE/IP cameras, … Read more

Best Place to Put Security Cameras

You may be researching the best place to put security cameras in your home. Your home is made up of multiple locations – indoors, easy access points, garages, driveways, and the front and backyard. Here, we briefly overview each area for the most productive place to put your security cameras.   Indoors The primary benefit of … Read more

Can a Home Security Camera Be Hacked?

While it’s not the most likely scenario, home security cameras are vulnerable to hackers like any other sophisticated technology. To invoke an example, in 2020, a customer of ADT (a major home security company) noticed a strange email address dialed into her home security account. That discovery and the fact that she reported it led … Read more

Will Wi-Fi Cameras Slow Down My Internet?

There are a few reasons why your Wi-Fi cameras will slow down your internet, and one of the primary ones is the router. Wireless cameras depend on your network router, which is dependent on bandwidth for the cameras and the multiple devices connected to it.   This includes mobile phones, computers, video streaming devices, tablets, … Read more