Do Security Cameras Use a Lot of Electricity?

In both commercial and home surveillance camera systems, it’s prudent to understand how much energy these systems use, whether they’re energy-efficient, and how their electric output affects other systems at your home or place of work.   CCTV vs. IP The first distinction we can draw is between CCTV and IP security systems. How much … Read more

How Many Wi-Fi Cameras Can a Router Handle?

As the number of Wi-Fi cameras on the market expands, this question is reasonable. The answer may depend on the router’s bandwidth, the type of router, and the camera’s size and quality.   Some routers can handle up to 250 devices, but that’s the absolute maximum. Generally, a router can only take four to five … Read more

Difference Between Surveillance Cameras and Security Cameras

Whether you own residential or commercial property, your eyes can’t be everywhere at all hours of the day. Through technological advances, cameras can now record a strikingly clear picture of the comings and goings around your property. Security and surveillance cameras are a priority for anyone owning property. So, what is the difference between surveillance … Read more

How Many Cameras Do You Need for Home Security?

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How Far Can a Wireless Security Camera Transmit?

Wires running across walls or floorboards are slowly becoming obsolete in favor of wireless security cameras. These cameras work by using Wi-Fi as a method to communicate to smart devices or a control panel.   A wireless camera is easier to install, providing greater flexibility regarding placement. But before you install your new wireless security … Read more

Can I Install Security Cameras Myself?

Can I install security cameras myself? When it comes to installing a security camera yourself, whether you can or cannot successfully do so depends on your chosen system. While you can install most systems by yourself, some security cameras need professional installation due to their complexity. We discuss which ones you can safely install and … Read more

How Much Data Do Security Cameras Use Monthly?

When considering how much data security cameras use monthly, you must consider several factors. The amount of data used will depend on your camera resolution, frames-per-second capture rates, the number of cameras in your system, and if a network video recorder is being used to distribute your data. Factors like the security camera only recording … Read more

Do Home Security Cameras Record All the Time?

When it comes to security cameras, 36 million American households have a home security system. While years ago a CCTV system would have been reserved for the wealthy, the smart home industry has been able to put home security in the hands of more consumers. In this age of video technology, you might be wondering, … Read more

Do You Need Wi-Fi for Security Cameras?

Do you need Wi-Fi for security cameras? The short answer to this question is no; some security cameras can operate without Wi-Fi or internet connectivity. Yet, even though you don’t need connectivity to work a home security camera, there are distinct benefits to having a camera with Wi-Fi connectivity.   What Are the Benefits of … Read more

Which Type of Camera Is Best for Home Security?

Ideally, security cameras should be affordable, easy to install, and able to capture quality footage without depleting your bandwidth. Many different types of cameras are available on the market, and each will benefit different households. When considering which type of camera is best for home security, you must first assess your needs.   Features will … Read more

How to Install Security Cameras in Your Home

Installing a security camera in your home is not a straightforward process. Security cameras come with a variety of features and options. Since not all cameras are created equal, additional steps may need to be taken before placing them in or around your home. We outline how to install security cameras and what you may … Read more