Security Guards Roles and Responsibilities

Security Guard

A Security Guard is a person who is paid to protect property, assets or people.

Duty norms of security guard

  • Directly
  • Through Patrol
  • By watching alarm systems or Video Cameras


What Skills Do You Need For Security?

Top 5 Skills of a Security Guard

    1. Communication
    2. Decision Making
    3. Memory
    4. Observation
    5. Physical Strength


Roles of a Security Guard


Roles of a Security Guard

Dr. David Gold (Principal Consultant; Gold – Knecht Associates) said that the roles of a security guard are:


P = Prevention

P = Protection

E = Evacuation



  • Minimizing loss of company documents, inventory and office equipment.
  • Creating administering programs to prevent crimes from occurring.
  • Through fire drills, growing awareness among the workers and management.
  • Clear knowledge about what is fire, how it occurs and how it spreads.
  • Identifying hazardous materials and sources of ignition.
  • Reporting dangerous situation to a competent person.
  • Preventing security problems from developing in the first place.



  • Observing the automatic fire alarm system.
  • In case of emergency make the connection with fire service and civil defense.
  • Giving report to the management regularly.
  • Ensuring sprinkler system is unobstructed.
  • Inspecting fire extinguisher and call point property.
  • Making sure the Water Hydrant is visible.
  • Means of egress should be unobstructed during fire drill and emergency situation.
  • Performing a training program of occupational safety and health administration.





Travel time

Flow time

Alert: Point when the alarm is sounded.

Pre movement: Time the alarm is sounded until people start moving towards the emergency exit.

Travel time: Time people start moving until they reach the exit.

Flow time: Time it takes for people to move through the exit.


Checklist for the Security Guard

Items Description OK Urgent Action Location/ Comments
1 Alarm boxes unobstructed
2 Emergency Telephone Function
3 Exits not locked
4 External assembly area’s not obstructed
5 Exits not locked
6 Emergency lighting in working order

Name of Guard and Signature




Time and Date  




  • Correct a problem if you can and it’s safe to do so.
  • If you find a problem you cannot fix it quickly and safely, immediately report it to someone who can.
  • The follow-up to make sure the problem is fixed.
  • Report all problems, even the ones you fixed to prevent reoccurrence.


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