Security Guards Roles and Responsibilities

Security Guard

A Security Guard is a person who is paid to protect property, assets or people.

Duty norms of security guard

  • Directly
  • Through Patrol
  • By watching alarm systems or Video Cameras


Security Guards Roles and Responsibilities

What Skills Do You Need For Security?

Top 5 Skills of a Security Guard

    1. Communication
    2. Decision Making
    3. Memory
    4. Observation
    5. Physical Strength

Roles of a Security Guard

Dr. David Gold (Principal Consultant; Gold – Knecht Associates) said that the roles of a security guard are:


P = Prevention

P = Protection

E = Evacuation



  • Minimizing loss of company documents, inventory and office equipment.
  • Creating administering programs to prevent crimes from occurring.
  • Through fire drills, growing awareness among the workers and management.
  • Clear knowledge about what is fire, how it occurs and how it spreads.
  • Identifying hazardous materials and sources of ignition.
  • Reporting dangerous situation to a competent person.
  • Preventing security problems from developing in the first place.



  • Observing the automatic fire alarm system.
  • In case of emergency make the connection with fire service and civil defense.
  • Giving report to the management regularly.
  • Ensuring sprinkler system is unobstructed.
  • Inspecting fire extinguisher and call point property.
  • Making sure the Water Hydrant is visible.
  • Means of egress should be unobstructed during fire drill and emergency situation.
  • Performing a training program of occupational safety and health administration.





Travel time

Flow time

Alert: Point when the alarm is sounded.

Pre movement: Time the alarm is sounded until people start moving towards the emergency exit.

Travel time: Time people start moving until they reach the exit.

Flow time: Time it takes for people to move through the exit.


Checklist for the Security Guard

ItemsDescriptionOKUrgent ActionLocation/ Comments
1Alarm boxes unobstructed
2Emergency Telephone Function
3Exits not locked
4External assembly area’s not obstructed
5Exits not locked
6Emergency lighting in working order

Name of Guard and Signature




Time and Date 




  • Correct a problem if you can and it’s safe to do so.
  • If you find a problem you cannot fix it quickly and safely, immediately report it to someone who can.
  • The follow-up to make sure the problem is fixed.
  • Report all problems, even the ones you fixed to prevent reoccurrence.