Self Activating Fire Extinguisher

A self activating fire extinguisher means an automatic fire extinguishing ball. This is a new innovative fire suppression technology, the world’s initial self-activating, and unattended fire suppression ball.


What is a Fire Ball Extinguisher?

Fire Extinguisher Ball Advantages

Fire Ball extinguisher is lightweight and moveable which might extinguish the initial fire. It’s made of a water-proof plastic shell and crammed with harmless environmental powder.


It is a completely automatic extinguisher. You can place it anywhere and anyone can use it.


Fire Ball Weight: of less than + – 1.5 kg, good even for women, children, and elderly people.


How Does A Self Activating Fire Extinguisher Ball Work?

Fire Extinguishing Ball best serves everywhere

Just throw Fire Extinguishing Ball into the fire

  • When a fire erupts, take the closest available fire extinguishing Ball and easily throw it into the fire.
  • The Ball can naturally extinguish the bottom of the flame, wherever it’s most required, and can be activated within three seconds.
  • No need to pull pins or special training or skills are needed.


Fire Ball Fire Extinguisher Features

    • You can install it in any fire-risk area.
    • Anyone can use it.
    • You can use it manually also.
    • Non-toxic to the atmosphere.
    • Activation force of the ball is not damaging to humans and the atmosphere.
    • No maintenance needed.
    • Fulfill fire protection.


Portable Extinguisher VS Ball Types Extinguisher

Portable Extinguisher

Ball types Extinguisher

Needed special training.No special training or skill needed.
Its installation requires correct guidelines.It can be placed in any area.
Only works manually.Works automatically or manually.
Can not be used by everyone.Anyone can use it.
The product life span is 1 year only.This product’s life span is 5 years.




Need to get close to the fire.No need to get close to the fire.
Required proper maintenance.No maintenance is required.


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