Self Activating Fire Extinguisher

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Self activating fire extinguisher means automatic fire extinguishing ball. This is a new innovative fire suppression technology, world’s initial self-activating and un-attended fire suppression ball.


What is Fire Ball Extinguisher?

Fire Ball extinguisher is light-weight and moveable that might extinguish the initial fire. It’s made of the water-proof plastic shell and crammed up with harmless environmental powder.


It is a completely automatic extinguisher. You can place it anywhere and anyone can use it.


Fire Ball Weight: of less than + – 1.5 kg, good even for women, children and elderly people.



How Do Automatic Fire Extinguishers Ball Work?

Fire Extinguishing Ball best serves for everywhere

Just throw Fire Extinguishing Ball into the fire

  • When a fire erupts, take the closest available fire extinguishing Ball and easily throw it into the fireplace.
  • The Ball can naturally comprise the bottom of the flame, wherever it’s most required, and activate inside three seconds.
  • No have to be compelled to pull pins or to induce getting ready to the fireplace. No special training or skills needed.



Fire Ball Fire Extinguisher Features

    • You can install it any fire risk areas.
    • Anyone can use it.
    • You can use it manually also.
    • Non-toxic to the atmosphere.
    • Activation force of the ball doesn’t damage to human and atmosphere.
    • No maintenance needed.
    • Fulfill fire protection.



Portable Extinguisher VS Ball Types Extinguisher

Portable Extinguisher

Ball types Extinguisher

Needed special training. No needed special training or skill.
It’s installation need to follow guideline. It can be placed any area.
Only works manually. Works automatically or manually.
Anyone can not use it. Anyone can use it.
This product life span of 1year only. This product life span of 5years.
Heavy weight.


Light weight.


Need to get close to the fire. No need to get close to the fire.
Required proper maintenance. No maintenance are required.


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