Tools Every Firefighter Should Carry [A to Z Firefighter Tools]

Every firefighter understands that to execute their work properly, they must be prepared for every event or hazard that may emerge. As a result, firemen carry equipment and tools with them to allow them to do whatever is necessary to keep people safe.


Tools Every Firefighter Should Carry


Based on the role and specific jurisdiction every firefighter needs to carry different types of firefighting tools. Today in this article we will learn about what types of tools every firefighter should carry.

There Are Some Common Tools That A Firefighter Must Carry


Electric wiring is the most dangerous and can cause the fire to spread very easily. So, every firefighter should carry a wire cutter and before entering the fire they should switch off the mainline if possible.



The axe is one of the most important tools for firefighters. It is designed to be used by firefighters across the world. These axes are used to break doors, windows, and walls. It allows for accessing the fire to rescue the citizen.



The knife is the next important tool for a firefighter. It should be durable, and be able to cut anything on your way out from the fire. It should be small enough to fit in your pocket.


The folding knife is very easy to operate and small enough to fit in your pocket. A knife can prevent any barrier from your way out. It can also be used for breaking window glass.


Turnout Clothing

Turnout clothing is also called bunker gear. It is pants and a jacket. It is an important gear for a firefighter. Turnout clothing is one of the main points of protection for firefighters. It can minimize heat stress and protect the firefighter against potential burn injuries.


It is designed with three individual layers such as thermal liner, moisture barrier, and outer shell. Each layer has a specific protective function. It has several pockets so you can put the firefighter pocket tools in your turnout clothing pockets.



A firefighter must carry a flashlight. Without a flashlight, the fireman faces many problems in rescuing people from the building when the power is out. Some flashlights cut the smoke and help you to easily complete the mission.


Breathing Apparatus or Anti-smoke Mask

An anti-smoke mask or breathing apparatus is another important tool that a firefighter must carry. It includes a mask that is connected to a tank with breathable air. It contains at least 30 minutes of oxygen.


These breathing apparatus allows for the searching of unconscious victims safely while the spaces are smoke-filled. It is very much necessary for firefighting tools.


Electrical Tester

Electricity is invisible and can shock or kill anyone. When a fire occurs in a building the electric lines may be damaged. It will be dangerous for all residents and the firefighter.


So, firefighters must-have tools like an electrical tester that can test the electrical wire.


It will help the firefighter to evaluate the threat of live wires. When a firefighter first tries to enter the burning building, an electrical tester allows to speed up the investigation process and helps to evaluate the threat of live wires.


Window Punch

There are so many tools to break a window but a window punch is less messy and the perfect tool to break the window. It works well when a firefighter tries to enter the building through the window.


It is a professional window-breaking tool. It is also a necessary tool for first responders. A window punch is a lightweight, small tool that can be fit in a firefighter turnout clothing pocket.



A screwdriver works like a key. It will help a firefighter open the door hinges, air handler units, and hard wiring. It has several functionalities so necessary tool for firefighters.


Door Wedge

A door Wedge is needed to ensure that the door you just opened will stay open. It can be a matter of life and death. The door must be open during a fire for ventilation.


Otherwise, the smoke will fill the area, and citizens could potentially die from smoke inhalation. Firefighters can’t continue the rescue operation successfully without a door wedge.


Final Words

Firefighter tools not only protect the firefighter but also allows for continuing the rescue operation. Without firefighting tools, a firefighter is unable to do the operation. After reading the above article, you will have a better idea about the tools every firefighter should carry for a successful rescue operation.


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