Best Voice Recorder for Stuffed Animals – Everything You Need to Know

Personalize a special gift by adding a voice recorder for stuffed animals to your child’s gift list. Nothing is more soothing or comforting to a child than hearing the voice of someone they love. Adding a voice recorder lets you tell your little one how much they mean to you and allows them to get to know you better by the sound of your voice.


Best Voice Recorder for Stuffed Animals

The Best Voice Recorders for Stuffed Animals

Best Overall: EZ Sound Box- 200-second Voice Recorder

EZ Sound Box- 200-second Voice Recorder


The beauty of this voice recorder is that the gift-giver never has to worry about their message being accidentally erased. This heart-shaped recorder locks recordings inside, and only the giver can unlock it to re-record a message.


What We Like
  • Crystal clear playback (30 seconds)
  • Sound can be heard through multiple different materials
  • Recording involves squeezing the heart and talking into the microphone
  • Batteries are easy to replace
  • Switch on back for the record button and playback button
What We Dont Like
  • Kids may accidentally flip the switch (must be sure to use safety lock)
  • Some static

Best Gift for New Mom: My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear (Voice Recorder for Ultrasounds)

My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear


This 20-second recorder allows new parents to save their baby’s first heartbeat. Not only is it a tearjerker for parents as they remember when they were expecting their child, but also for the child as they hear their heartbeat while in the womb.


Not only can a heartbeat be recorded, but you can do a special message, a lullaby, or a particular moment spent with your loved one.


What We Like
  • Playback is done with a quick squeeze
  • Animal is plush, so it is very huggable and comforting for a child
  • Designed by a mom with three kids who want to bring joy to others
  • Ten different animals to choose from in various sizes
  • With the app, the memory can be stored in the cloud
What We Dont Like
  • Some customers had difficulty operating the recorder

Best Budget: VoiceGift 20-Second Recorder

VoiceGift 20-Second Recorder


This mini voice recorder is the same type used in Build-a-Bear. It records twenty seconds of audio and adds that personal touch to a gift. It saves the audio even if the batteries are dead, so you can rest assured it will never be lost.


What We Like
  • Doesn’t easily shift in animals
  • Can be used in multiple products from stuffed animals, dolls, under quilts, etc.
  • Clear quality
What We Dont Like
  • Quickly dies
  • Some static while recording

Best for Kids: Personal Recordable 15” Teddy Bear

Personal Recordable 15” Teddy Bear


This 15” plush teddy bear comes with a 16-second recordable voice. The pouch in the back allows you to easily insert the voice recorder and plays as the child hugs it.


What We Like
  • Plush bear
  • Clear-quality voice recording
What We Dont Like
  • Some complaints of no stuffing
  • Fur may shed

Things to Consider in Selecting the Best Voice Recorder for Stuffed Animals

Voice Recorder for stuffed animals

Many stuffed animals come with a voice recorder, but if you want to add a personal touch to this year’s gift-giving, you can select one yourself. They are simple to use, and you can add them to any animal within a matter of seconds.


Price of a voice recorder for stuffed animals

Price heavily influences which product you select for your child’s stuffed animal, teddy bear, or plush toy. However, while it may be tempting to buy the lowest-priced voice recorder device, it’s not always the best option if you want something with the best playback sound quality. Sometimes, you can save money on better-quality products.


When buying a recordable sound box from somewhere like Amazon, sometimes it makes more sense to buy in bulk. There are many reasons for this. As most people know, when you give something awesome to one child, the others may expect the same thing. You never want to feel like you are playing favorites, so what often happens is that each receives a similar yet distinctive gift.


Buying one item often just won’t do, so consider buying a stuffed animal insert that allows for customizable audio in bulk. It saves you money because most sites offer discounts for multiple purchases and give you better shipping costs. Plus, you will always have one on hand for the next time you need it.


Brand of a voice recorder for stuffed animals

Next to the price, the brand is probably the second most important feature. You can buy cheap items, but these are usually cheaply made. The child will be disappointed to get a personalized stuffed animal only to have a voice module that does not work for very long.


You want to give them something that will last and that they can play over again, so choose a reputable brand. Go for well-known brands over cheaper models. If the brand has a reputation for holding up over repeated uses, and if you buy one specifically designed for a stuffed bear or another plush toy, you can guarantee the sound recorder will be durable as well. As a bonus, these companies usually offer better customer service.


Voice recorders specifically designed for a stuffed toy will be better designed to withstand being dropped, potentially water-logged, and will be better able to withstand anything a child can throw at it. They may be a bit more expensive than other brands, but only due to the reliability of their product.


The function of a voice recorder for stuffed animals

Before making a final purchase, consider your reason for buying it to provide more insight into selecting the best one for use in the stuffed animal. If you only want it for a one-time message, you don’t have to invest much money. However, if you want it to last for a long time and stand up to everyday usage, you may want to invest a bit more money.



The best way to know what a product truly is like is to consult customer reviews on the product. Anyone can make their product sound good, but reviews will give you an idea of how easy it is to use and how well it will stand up to daily use.


Customer reviews let you know whether this is a high-quality product or not. Plus, it indicates the quality of the seller and the quality of their customer service as well. Are they reliable with shipping? Will they take your money and not give you your product? Will your product arrive on time and be intact? These are details that go beyond an outline found on a webpage.


Ideally, shoot for products that are over four stars. You can go for three stars, but it is a 50/50 chance that you may regret your purchase. Also, look for how many reviews they have. Thousands of good reviews will let you know whether it is a tried-and-true product.



When looking for a voice recorder, make sure that the child cannot erase the memory, and that you properly use the switch in the back. When recording, make sure you use the record button and push it to “P” when done.


The biggest issues in voice recordings are maintaining the memory and the child not being able to erase it. Always keep in mind the recipient’s age when selecting a voice recorder to prevent losing memory.


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