What Is The Difference Between Safety and Security

What Are Safety and Security?




The state of being, exempt from hurt or injury, freedom from danger in safety.

Safety = Awareness + Prepare On



Security means only people allowed by the owner is able to access it.


What Is The Difference Between Safety and Security



Accident are mostly natural/due to human error Activities are mostly intentional and man-made
Can be predicted and prevented Can be analyzed and prevented
With correct action its harmful effects can be reduced With correct deterrence its harmful effects can also be reduced
Regular monitoring and updating are required Regular monitoring and updating are required


Safety and Security Needs of a Person

    • Safe living area
    • Medical insurance
    • Safety and Security at work
    • Financial reserve
    • Food security


Who will ensure safety in your work place?

    1. Management
    2. Mid-level Staff
    3. Safety Officer
    4. Worker


In the below YouTube Video Scott Bristol who is a Senior Manager Product Security, explains the differences between safety and security:

Monitoring of Safety and Security in the Workplace

Workplace Safety and Security should not be less as “Fire and Forget

It must be monitored periodically by the competent committee as follows for improvement:

Special monitoring cell – on a monthly basis

Top-level monitoring cell – quarterly



A safe and secured workplace is all employees right. Accidents and occurrences should be prevented rather than let it happen and then take action. Make safety and security plans and ensure proper execution. Workers should return from work in the same physical and mental conditions as they they came to work.


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